Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Frills of '08


marks the last day of 2008. what had you done so far? Ready or not- a brand new year is coming forward.


What's your next undertakes?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Those are the lalas

Christmas last year, we've got all the COMELs. This year Christmas,where you all went hiding?


Last year break of New year, all the COMELs made it there sharp 12 midnight! this year,where are you all heading?
Guess year 2008 wasnt as good as last years. We've made many friends and lost some of them along the way. We may be difference in many ways but that difference keep us going.

Thank you for entering my life and be that friend i most needed- you peeps are my COMELs!
Thank you for the supports, care, forgiveness, encouragement & love when i was at my lowest point of life.
I know i've not said this a long time. You peeps ROCKs my everyday!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ergonomic Seater

My work station has got a new chair which comes with a manual.


Ergonomics chair to fit to human capabilities without causing any tense eh?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa's Home

I found Santa's Home!


and tour round his factory!


I've not gotten any gift from you, where's the thought?

*ngah ngah*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feeling it yet?

Ready for Christmas yet? Im...NOT.

Wouldn't be back this Christmas, as im saving it for CNY '09!


Just got my nail painted Purple Shimmering Glitz! How would you be celebrating yours?
I would be having my loved ones around.No big celebration, nor open house needed. Just my loved ones...

On behalf of my COMELs, i would like to sent our LOVES & HUGS to all.
Merry Christmas!
p/s: Let's get kinky! *LOL*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

W*sh e*sh

Over the MIA, i went seeking for answers...

A door which leads to peace, hopes, joy and everything nice!


It leads to The Gate called Circus of life.


Flying elephant, Unicorn etc is where to be found there.


Magical pony whom dances.


Magical reeindeers which could changes its shape and colours.


Squirrel that talks. ;) just too much, made a leaks of the secret gate.

He said, if u meet a fairy- She would need to grant you a wish!


She was the 1st fairy i meet..promise to granted me life after death.


2nd fairy i meet, whom promise to granted me breath under water. So i won't drown nor suffocated by life.


the 3rd fairy, whom granted me Eternal beauty of both inner and outer.


The 4th fairy, whom granted me love,joy and everything sweet!


Him- the MasQue, are to gives me laughter and make my gloomy days turn bright.

I didn't get to meet The Unicorn!! Santa might have mistaken it as a reindeer and latch it to its sledges.
Did i get all the answers i needed? I'll tell you later...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hoop on Hopes

Just when things was looking bright and I could see that I was changing. I was ready to prove it to someone. And that I've finished studies and freedom from responsibilities. I've been preparing of what to do then. I thought I had it all laid down for me.


God has a humour for time...We go through many trials that we curse and forsaken God over and over again. I know, because I have. And, eventually, we turn back to Him to seek for His comfort and love. It takes time. Sometime when we seek for His comfort and love, He still test us with trials to make us stronger.


Love, such a short word, yet, make such a big impact on anyone we see around us. Would we lose this four letter word in our lives? I know that I have lost a part of it. It still hurts. Tears will wash away the stain but not the scar.

Is it worth the wait? If you've been waiting for that movie to make its debut, you would know how it is worth the wait. But when it comes to something unpredictable, is it worth? Is it worth to fight for love when you see no hope? Is it worth to push on and never give up? Will you perseverance be rewarded? Or would it just be a dead end with all your efforts? What would you do to prove your love for someone?


Would you go the distance for love? I've gone through many that I've found it was worthless. There was good sides to it, but it never did sustain in the heart. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe in this world, it's true that some people weren't meant to have someone at their side. Maybe I was looking down the wrong road.

Tell me this, could we be saved?

Monday, December 15, 2008


Exactly today of last year where everything started towards a beautiful thing i called Love Struck!

Pardon me for i have shut you completely over the weekends for i just need to think where this is heading. Im twisted,really...

I know i could have done this better but my flight is ETA 1900 hrs [will probaly be flying in the air now.]

I didn't forget...never did.


Of those in between

Im blue from all this hectic. Sorry to have you worried for i went away without telling anyone where nor did i reply to any msgs. Not even to my closest Babe whom msg and ask of where have i been,also to that loved one whom i've shut out completely over the weekend.

I choose to be silent as i need some space. Yes,Im running away.Sometimes it's hard to keep on running when I work so much to keep it going.

Could you old my hands and tell me everything's gonna just alright.Also,don't make me want to give up now.

Babe, i know...i've changed.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gasping Air

I am...

Mentally drained,

Physically tired,

Emotionally sad.

What's next?Decision has to be made before its just too late. Need a break of this space, hopefully when im back.It is gonna be just alright.

p/s: Just got my tickets done, im flying out of town in 4 hrs time.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Times passes too fast! This year annual dinner's theme is 70's. I know it would be different, it won't be as fun as last year where i had all my KAKIS and amazing things happen. This year ought to be empty,real empty...not having this loved ones around to kid with.

Hence, I'd tried to make the best out of it.Over the weekends, I've google some 70's outfits and I find Austin Power's outifts very attractive.Don't know if this are appropriate.

White boots- a thing you won't find in my closet. If i had those, then you ought to find me singing in hotel's lounge. I could be your lolita, hOney! *ngah ngah*

See, white boots again.

Short and hippie.

I kinda like this- Its colorful enough with fan sleeves, net stockings pair with high white Mary Jane stiletto rather than those white boots.

Argh! too many choices. I either go in Uko ono or might end up dressing like this.

Im twisted.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Yesterday was JELLO's birthday. A so called surprise at the Junk didn't turn out to be as planned. His birthday, he tai sai lor...


So we decide to crash his place instead. He was working...calculating door nobs. *ngah*
Look at him. Not identical to the cake's image even. Perhaps the baker had an artistic image of a person being nick named MC Chenky!


Get what i meant? Cake which didn't look like him...and as you could read those wording.
It wrote Happy Birthday, MC Chenky! (hey! Mr. DJ sausage with 4 legs running)


There were few options to make him look like it...either you draw and paste some fake moustache on him or you head on the cake. I guess this was the easier way to get it the look!


Tada!! MC Chenky with colours. (I thought that look like saliva dropping on to the cake?)


I know you'll be reading this post. NOoo!! it wasn't my idea to punk'd you,ok! It was those peeps...see! Photo as evidents.( JF sibeh shiok there,while TIM acts innocent)

Happy Birthday,Jello!!

p/s: Pack of 12s could last you the whole 2 weeks,keep the Sundays Holy! ngah ngah.