Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Santa

Days just passed too fast that Christmas is coming.Have you started to shop or perhaps have already planned for Christmas? Where would you be? I pray for this Christmas to be special, as its gonna mark 1 year of how things got started.

I've got my letter to Santa again this year and it reads ;

Dear Santa,

I know I can never be categorized as a goody good holy girl, and I might never get a present from you for not being nice.

I've never asked for a present but it's a lil bit different this year...Only ONE single wish i asked of you.

For this Christmas, i asked of you to put more LOVE in every gift and wishes you're to fulfill.

With LOVE, it helps in many ways like,

When our love ones,turn agaisnt you or,

When the one whom we helped before, come to forget the deeds and favor we did before, or

When people killed people,when murder cases arises each days, or even

When you want to see Christmas through the eyes of your loved ones.

Please Santa grant me this Christmas present, and I promise I'd forever be sweet and nice, no more tantrums, and no more indulgence in shopping.

I'll be TRY to be a good girl. I swear.

:: xOxO ::

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Absolutely Dress[ed]

Work’s tough, every day am mentally drained. I rant over breakfast & lunch.

However, im glad my weekends are filled with events and meet ups. Story short,2 weeks ago I had a session of retail therapy at Absolutely dress gallery. Located at DUBS Commercial Centre, Level 1.Kuching, Sarawak.

Just what I needed…


Ambiance setting with faces of Audrey Hepburn sets in the image of a Trent setter boutiques.


Of clutches,bags,earings and etc.


Don’t this dresses makes you smile? Arrange by colours which makes choices being filter with wise decision.



Those whois looking for maxi dresses or something summer. Here’s where you should start looking. Mixture of both hobo & gypsy.


Got your CNY attire yet? These are ready for you to bring them home!From traditional mandarin collar to modern cap sleeves.


I tried a few. Animals prints were among the In thing this season. Comes in 2 colours which you could easily view online.


I just had to try this halter purple diamante dress on!


Sunday best?


Turlip cutting is among the classic!


If dresses were bread, accesorries are like butter. Both combos makes your sandwiches tastier ;)



Now, head to Absolutely Dress gallery with your GFs! You ought to catch something you'd like*wink*

p/s: Won't be posting up much photos of the dresses the girls are wearing. Go and drop by the boutique itself!!

p/s/s: Thanks to ADG & team!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Airrogance Justified

He's leaving this morning on 0730 am.

Aaron, on a task to serve the country. ;)
Not to war but medicine.


''Pop-collared pharmacist with a variety of interesting sidelines. One who does not believe in horoscopes or personality tests, for it is only he who defines himself and builds his own future. That way, our future is forever promising'' (, Sept 2007)
One goofy Pharmacist isn't he?


Of all those silly things we did together...


Of that silly face you'd made...


Of peeps whom shared laughter,wisdom & joy together...

Wish you all the very best with loves + hugs. Remember that, we're just a phone call away.
p/s: Berkhimatlah untuk Negara!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Brad Pitt

Till today,im still receiving gifts. Many thanks! you peeps makes my world filled with loves~

Flowers to the office right after i came back from away mode was a lovely suprise!

Hence, even Brad Pitt knows when's my birthday! He signed, sealed and delivered it with sweaty sweats. *wink*


I didn't know you peeps know Brad Pitt personally.

You peeps definitely Rock my days!

Eve loves everyone of you ;)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Imaginary Friend is here

Psst psst! Silence is starting to be presence at work, only the air from the aircon ventilator is heard.


I now have a imaginary friend at work whom is a monster.Coloured purple with lime green stars behind as spots,big yellow round eyes, black cornea rings with thin lips.

*Big wide smiles*

p/s: I believe when there's death,there's always birth. And that death comes in silent and take everthing you know of in a glance. Last Sunday evening,both friends of mine had a loss and addition to the family of theirs. Congrats to Nemor for his new baby girl -Hani Risha. My deepest condolences to Fred & Family for their lost in the family-Edwin S.

Monday, November 03, 2008

On the eve of my birthday, i took the public transport to Sunway guided with Claudia's GPA system. (Tim!! i finally took KTM to Sunway & bus to Mid Valley)

Subway was empty.It looks as if i was in some horror movie scene and the black shirt guy behind was some Ju-On.

I made it here.See anyone familiar in the pic?
Hint: Bottom corner left-girl in purple shirt.

Since it was part of the agreement- to go and do something We never did,Ice Skating was it!!
Your such a sweetheart to overcome that doubt of skating on Ice,thought there was worst skater than yourself. =)

Sunway Piramid & Lagoon was kinda quiet that day.Maybe it wasn't school break yet.No Qs! No Jams!

I had Sakae sushi.Frog icon.,Syoo cute¬ Oh ya! I brought some Froggie friends home (not live ones)*wink*

Late that evening i had shisha & Turkish Ice cream. As you order your flavour, they will sing some turkish song,ring the bell and jigle a bit.Ice cream was syoooo yummy!!

There were couple of live street performance that evening as i was strolling the streets of KL. Silverman at the side walk of Sg.Wang.

Goldman on the side walk of BB plaza.

I misses You so much right now. I enjoyed our last weekend together very much,its making me miss you more than usual. I think I'm making any other normal human who reads this throw up on themselves. :P

Score, baby! I love you indeed¬ grr grr

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Birthday spin

4 days ago i turn 24.Compared to every year i would have at least 2 dinners,parties and cakes and many loves ones cheering my throughout the night. This year,i had it differently...


There were no fancy cakes nor candles to blow and pranks being pulled.
Heaps of thanks to all whom sent/called to greet me happy birthday,your a sweetheart indeed! It made me felt loved and blessed. ;)


See that sky crapper??Among the highest revolving restaurant in the world and the highest in South East Asia, that was were i had my birthday dinner toast to almost perfection!


I wanted something special where i could dress up,enjoyed the companion and of something i could held on which i called- Memories.It doesn't need to be expensive nor grand nor big. KL Tower was where he took me, booked in advance even before i flew off to KL itself.The view was spectacular! Food was great not to mention its 360-degree panoramic view of the city!

I felt loved!You got me smiling whole night ;)

p/s: Aside from kisses,where's my present ah?? * big wide cheeky smile*

p/s/s: I love you twice as much i did yesterday.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I graduated again! This was one of the reasons being away last week. Heaps of thanks to all the congrats over the phone. Im blessed to have such peoples present in my life, very thoughtful indeed! I managed to sent MMS to couple of sweethearts right after the ceremony itself.


I almost wear black pencil skirt with black leggings. Smart me not to opt for that choices,otherwise free flash to all. ;)


Ceremony was held at SEGi University College, Malaysia ( Kota Damansara)
25th Oct 2008 marks the day, which followed by photography sessiong then dinner.


It was mainly for UOS graduates of majoring in BA Business Management & Engineering schools.


Jasz! We attended the same course, sat in the same class, attended convo together and she was my neighbour during the stay in Royale Bintang. ;) i wonder what happen to the plan of partying in Ice Club??


Babe, i wish you all the best in your future undertaking but i won't wish you farewell. Im blessed to have shared every celebration with you which i believe distance wouldn't come in destructing of what we've build in this friendship.Lots of love! Im sure gonna miss you..probaly we should opt for aust. master degree together??


Kunga, whom was surpose to attend this ceremony last minute back out. Thanks to you & Nicholas for the ride to SEGi. How 'bout another course together??


*bliss bliss* Wish that person i had in mind was able to see this smile i had that day...


As i stand among these chancellors,it made me wonder why the hood can't be purple colour?


Sue Reece, Director of Sunderland Recruitment & Business Partnerships UOS.

p/s: My name appeared in The Star papers dated 25th Oct 2008, page N62.

p/s/s: It was very sweet and thoughtful to have brought me a gift from far2 away despite the delays that day you're to arrive. love love.

p/s/s/s: Anna! your name was in the papers also ;)
p/s/s/s/s: Yes, hair is now darker shade since oct.