Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Retro 23

Clique in every way i must say.Minority show up in my theme. But at least the girls take an effort to do so...

Glayds and Rose,both whom i enjoy being around with. We may not share the same in thing but who cares...We blog like a Rockstar! Wee hee ^_^


F'son is his name..long story short. I know his sister then things were good,kinda click with their family.And hey! we're still as close as today. That's what i call KArMA kickIn in!

I believe in karma-

My babes.Having these babes is a defitenly a bliss and blessing. (L-R) Lovina,Shimani,Selina

i've blog about them previously and dedicated a post of how i tresure such friendship. Rock oN babes!

Shimani and i were taking the same course.She was my classmate then KARMA kicks in. She rocks my days in college and still floating my friendster's comment.

Audrey on the hand whom i meet back year 2002...always supporting and there when ever i need her.Who can ask for more of such blessing?

Believing in them is like believing in GOD's grace upon you.Very magical and unexplainable.No wonder they say Friends are like gift from God. ^_^

Selina-her inner self are a little of me. We always have forums to share about...to discuss and having feedback from each other.Her fashion picks are to my likings.Her opinion are to my agreement...and her surname and my 2nd name rhymes. See how we match as a combo duo?

Them whom i called babes never fail to crack the word FUN. Partying with them never fail to amaze me!

Love you girls to Bits!

Rock on!

This is Bob-Family friend back in Miri. My best babe's sister married to his Bro.He sings like the the home player,never ending. ^_^
We're not related even so our family are the same.

We sing all night long as i've booked the whole karoke room that night. We don't monopolize but we share.

American choc cake was one of my birthday gift. Its been 3 years straight im having double birthday cakes. Thanks
Tim,Andy,Emeric,Nick and Gf.

There were 2 Tims present at my bday...if Tim marimuthu came,there were goin to be 3 Tims.

I almost forgot to cut the cake that night...if you can see.There's a flower candle thing next to the cake.scroll down for the snap shots

This is how it looks like.It turns when lighted up and melody accompanied by fireworks!

It has been a custom.. there were some missing babes whom couldn't make it that night. Thanks for the wishes and suprise.

What happen here was Lovina broke the plastic knife...so i asked her. Is either the cake too hard to cut or the knife is too thin? Then she say... no la, im too strong for this. So i laughed. she was kidding obviously of coz.

Feeding time! See behind me...hungry peeps and one singin' maniac WONG LEE HOM in becoming. hak hak!

Bloggers ROcks!

My bros.
To the left is my elder bro Ernest-whom every year i get to tumpang his cake and to the right is the younger bro Lester- whom he gets to tumpang in this pic. Haha! We facebook daily and attack when ever gets the chance got it doesn't put you in guilt.

Being the only girl in the family doesn't makes me dominant at all but i get the biggest help and favors this brothers can give me. At times we may quarrel as we've different opinion but we still stick to each others like fork and spoon. Ruku!

Like my Dad always says Your brothers are the only family you get to hang on when your down in your days.They are your strength and sometimes weakness. Love them and cherish them!

Thanks for the night peeps.Love everyone of you to Bits...
Those who can't make it that night, thanks for effort of acknowledging me earlier.
ROck oN!

Lots of love and hugs:

Monday, October 29, 2007

23 Retro

Morning peeps,
Its my birthday today, to mark the day.
A Small gathering at The Links Bar,civic centre tonight
2000 hours

Theme: Retro
Wear anything from 70's..Bright colour with motive would normally pull the shots dou for those who doesn't have any ideas on retro attires.
To entitled for the 1st free drink,you would need to answer 1 question to test how well you know me.Answered correctly then you'll get a drink on me.
see you there.

Here's another entry for my bro-Ernest. Dad and Mom was in town to suprize us but they can't stay long as there were urgents things to cater to...thanks for the surprises!


Being a Koko to me and younger bro is tough job but hence he handle it well. Believing in his ability and skills which makes him undefeated when it comes to handling the computers. He's a tech savvy i must say...any upcoming technology he's sure to know about.
He aint typical but just a perfectionist at every things..unlike me.

Tumpang again... ^_^

Dad and mom treat us advance dinner...that's explain the happy happy joy joy looks.

FYI. He's born on 28th oct,after 4 years later on the 29 oct i came into this world we called earth.Haha!

Knowing Him,he like things quite. He may be quiet at some events,not because he anti-social but just he doesn't directly linger with people he don't know.Its what we called feelin insecurity. You can't expect everyones to be extremely friendly,rite?

Happy 27th bday! Choc cheese cake from Secret Recipe.Since i was sponsoring the cake. So I decided to tell him its gonna be a BATMAN kiddy cake,he was so worried until he saw it himself on that day itself.
Gotcha! didn't i?

Happily ever after...hak hak hak

Rock on Koko!



Friday, October 26, 2007

Sugar sugar

Have you ever went to any cafes that when you ask for sugar/sauces/fork/spoons etc from the counter or waiters there...they questioned you back-Why do you need it?
Well,that happen to me last night. I headed to the counter to ask for some sugars and this SMART SUPERVISOR(yea!supervisor) ask me back--->why do i need sugar for?
Bloody hell la! Why you need sugar for when your dining in Sugarbun?
To mix with your coke or fish burger izit?
i answer him back...why you think i need sugar la?to put in Coke izit?Of coz for coffee la...
really NGEk la this supervisor!customer wants sugar,he go and kepo ask customer why gok??
Translation for NGek = language origin from Sarawak meaning WTF.

p/s: to those who wish to comment.you could leave comment by clicking on titled post.


Monday, October 22, 2007

7 days apart

Its exactly 1 week to my 23rd and 6 days for my bro's 27th.
Every year since i came to know of this world before me...its the month of Oct where i get to have combo's birthdays of me and Bro.
Why combo?Because Bro party 1st then next day is me partyin'
So Combo wishes,combo gift,combo cakes and combo loves from every loved ones.
So we always CoweR Bangga!
(Ninja Turtle was our favourite back then)
P/s: i know mummy is reading this.I'll list down my want list in the next post,aight?
To all my babes out there whom i know logs in my blog page everyday,looking forward for an update.Since you're aware of my upcoming D DAY is soon approaching.What ever you have in mind for my D DAY..Pls be kind not to torture me. ^_^

Friday, October 19, 2007

what shall i do

Weekends is just round the corner.Am so lookin forward to it...but what shall i do?

Any suggestion?


Eve ^_^

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

At work

Sien ar...nutin to do.
yea yea...Raya coming soon.
P/s: I miss Home! i miss my peeps back home!