Sunday, March 18, 2007


Yesterday,dated 17th March 2007.
I got a surprised yet unplanned lunch meeting with Jasz. We were suppose to meet up couple of times but time doesn't permit us.Is either one of us is busy with work,church,family or classes.

Hence,each time we tend to meet up.We make each moments sweet with laughters! That's when we go cracko and wacko! . Needless for me to even say more?

Our lunch meeting at Mr.Ho turn to its peak when Jasz wanted me to assist her in her BIG DAY in 20th December 2007.Nevertheless,another surprised on her D DAY.D day that she wanted to own it.

......And as i quote from her ''Well, 25 yrs ago i can't remember life was this hard.. gone were those days when mama fed me, napped me, changed my nappy and sang me lullabies... *sigh* But i need to look at reality.. today.. this yr of 2007. I knew it would impact me greatly this year, but I dunno how.. *that was then*... But at this point of writing this entry, I know a whole new chapter of life will oficially begin for me pretty soon... Well now am already feeling the buil-up towards that one fine day.''

Yea!Me being such naive.How could i loss track of her Birthday that day of lunch??
To make it through of Jasz owning that day.I came up with a IMMEDIATE and LAST MINUTE get together!

Thanks to Monte Carlo's Manager aka Tibetan girl for the FlaMMing!

*Keep the GooD times roLLing. No idea what was you laughing at?

Best word to describe it.Nor it may not be a BLAST but still it was the companion and laugher was to its fullest
Lotsa *huGS* HappY Belated Birthday,Beb! There will definitely be ANOTHER time.

*another crak nuts!

Thanks be to GOD for such beautiful people in my life~

.: xOxO :.

º))))>.·´¯`·. EvE ¸.·´¯`·.¸>((((º

Friday, March 16, 2007


No updates at the moment.Been busy with a whole bunch of events lately.
Be patients my readers.

.: xOxO :.

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