Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Those are the lalas

Christmas last year, we've got all the COMELs. This year Christmas,where you all went hiding?


Last year break of New year, all the COMELs made it there sharp 12 midnight! this year,where are you all heading?
Guess year 2008 wasnt as good as last years. We've made many friends and lost some of them along the way. We may be difference in many ways but that difference keep us going.

Thank you for entering my life and be that friend i most needed- you peeps are my COMELs!
Thank you for the supports, care, forgiveness, encouragement & love when i was at my lowest point of life.
I know i've not said this a long time. You peeps ROCKs my everyday!


T-MO-T "n" TING said...

u rock my everyday too! ahahha!

ahlost said...

Time flies.

Thanks for being part of my life :)

You rock our everyday too :)

Eve! said...

T-MO-T "n" TING - *big wide smiles*

ahlost - *big wide smiles with a wink*