Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feeling it yet?

Ready for Christmas yet? Im...NOT.

Wouldn't be back this Christmas, as im saving it for CNY '09!


Just got my nail painted Purple Shimmering Glitz! How would you be celebrating yours?
I would be having my loved ones around.No big celebration, nor open house needed. Just my loved ones...

On behalf of my COMELs, i would like to sent our LOVES & HUGS to all.
Merry Christmas!
p/s: Let's get kinky! *LOL*


annna said...

*sobs* I'm not ur comels..

Anonymous said...

merry christmas!! gi midnight mass kah? or u celebrating in kch this year?

apparently taduak big fans of absolutely dress gallery!!

ahlost said...

`annna` : Yes, you are.. Eve forgot to mention that one of the comels is behind the camera :D