Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hoop on Hopes

Just when things was looking bright and I could see that I was changing. I was ready to prove it to someone. And that I've finished studies and freedom from responsibilities. I've been preparing of what to do then. I thought I had it all laid down for me.


God has a humour for time...We go through many trials that we curse and forsaken God over and over again. I know, because I have. And, eventually, we turn back to Him to seek for His comfort and love. It takes time. Sometime when we seek for His comfort and love, He still test us with trials to make us stronger.


Love, such a short word, yet, make such a big impact on anyone we see around us. Would we lose this four letter word in our lives? I know that I have lost a part of it. It still hurts. Tears will wash away the stain but not the scar.

Is it worth the wait? If you've been waiting for that movie to make its debut, you would know how it is worth the wait. But when it comes to something unpredictable, is it worth? Is it worth to fight for love when you see no hope? Is it worth to push on and never give up? Will you perseverance be rewarded? Or would it just be a dead end with all your efforts? What would you do to prove your love for someone?


Would you go the distance for love? I've gone through many that I've found it was worthless. There was good sides to it, but it never did sustain in the heart. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe in this world, it's true that some people weren't meant to have someone at their side. Maybe I was looking down the wrong road.

Tell me this, could we be saved?