Friday, October 31, 2008

Segi College Prom Night' 08-Part 3

3 hours has passed.Im revealing my date that evening,dress in dark purple (RM 110), Make up and hair do by Maison (RM35), which i think they've could have done better with her hair rather than to create bop illusion. Anna's make up was good,minus the fake lash of cause which it didnt stick well.


This was our finale~


You got to enjoy this! Tang dengki jak cik tok~


Pity the user.Fake lash just won't stick properly, i was assisting in getting it hang on there..still,can't


Remedy to it is to take down the fake lashes and draw thicker liner ;)


Guest made their way into the dimly-lit hall with grand decos. Many circular dining tables covered with white silk cloth were filled in no time. As soon as the clocked ticked 7.30pm, the guests were introduced to band performances.In between performaces, we had lucky draw sessions. Ivy chew, among the nomination for prom queen.


This was suppose to be kek cute bin but me & anna's version of cute was daa.


Im gonna miss college and fellow classmates soon. Diploma years is still the best entry to go loco.


Segi's Staff whom work hard to make this event a success. There were very much improvement in managing the whole events despite the lack in getting the crowd participating the events and games.


This picture would look perfect if there were prom night billboards behind it. ;P


While enjoying the dinner,Joseph- emcees for the evening announced the nomiees for 2008’s prom king queen. Guests were asked to vote ad the results were as follows:
Prom King'08 named Jason Lim & Prom Queen'08 named Michelle Bong.
Psst psst! Comel nyer dia..


Having that done,guests were invited to dance. My date tried pursuade me in dancing,but the crowd was Urgh¬! A night of celebrating the end of our scholastic experiences and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and ready to take on the world.
Till then, Rock On!

Segi College Prom Night' 08-Part 2

As i was out of town the whole week, here's the pictures from prom of which i manage to filter them. Out of 667 pictures captured,only 19 pictures i find it interesting to post here as mostly pictures captured were repetitive of the same thing but of different pose.It would be boring to post up multiple duplication of the same scene,don't you think? Take example as per below:


* #1





Yea? No? Below content would be better,isnt it?


*Make Up & Hair do comes in a package at Maison Monica (RM 35). Make up didn't turn out fantastic compared in the picture, not to mention, eyebrows were drawn one side longer than the other. wth! i had to revamp it again back home. Was complaining over the phone to Hun right after my session. pfft pfft tol!

Necklace by Isan Smyth (RM120) which i bought last year.
Earings (RM20)


The hair- Im loving it! It had swirl and it was Victorian enough done by Heidi, Maison Monica. She definitely did one good job.Employment history 8 years with Derrick and Team, KL.


*Hair accessory,self made (RM 25)


*Halter/Tube Purple dress (RM190 after deductions)

Next post coming up in 3 hours time.

p/s: Wish you made it here

Monday, October 20, 2008

Segi College Prom Night' 08

Segi College Kuching Campus had their prom night forthnight before at Hornbill Hall-The Sarawak Club, Kuching.

Upon entering the Sarawak Club on the 19th Oct 2008,you could only feel intimidated as everyone was dressed in their best! Each tryin to stand out from the crowd while matching their dates appropriately at the same time. Some unexpected ones actually turned up surprisingly gorgeus and smart looking. Those girls in black and red (corner right) sure can cha cha!

Which not leaves us out to dress and dolled up along with the Glamorous theme set that evening. My date that evening-Anna, celebrating the end of our scholastic experiences. I'll share the details on our dresses, make ups and hair dos etc in the next post (after our photog. Allen gets back.Hopefully anytime soon,yea?)


Ivy Chew, one among the 5 ladies whom got nominated for Prom Queen. Ivy's make up by Dior (RM 40), Hair dos (RM 13) Compared to mine, i likes hers better as colours were equally spread and crease was created to enhance the eye shape itself. Illuminator is being applied to create the ilussion of sharper nose. ;)


Jenny Ting, whom remembered me from last year prom and also a comittee back then. She caught me by suprise at Maison Monica when she sat next to me during the hair do and later when make up session then approach and ask if i was from last year proms. You've got good memory i must say. *claps* Jenny's make up & hair do by Maison Monica (RM 35).

Im saving the rest for the next post as its gonna over loaded with pictures.

p/s: Drop me a line if you've seen me that night,aight?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Segi college's Prom Night is tomorrow- 19th Oct 2008.

Sarawak Club, 1900 hrs till late night.

Theme Glamorous it is.

Check list for tomorrow's night as follows:-


Heels checked!


Clutch checked!


Dress checked!


Accessories checked! Still hunting for a perfect Earrings dou.


Head piece checked! still opting for hair to be self or saloon to set my hair.Make up set checked!

What else is left out?

Friday, October 17, 2008

1901 in tHE Spring

The long wait has comes to an end. 1901 is here in tHe Spring,Kuching.


1901 Kiosk located just outside Ta Kiong.


Now that i don't need special deliveries from 1901 KL, KK, Miri and Sibu. They have heard my pledge of wanting 1901 in Kuching. *bliss bliss*


*slurp slurp*

Let's go for a date at 1901!

p/s:Breakfast 1901, lunch 1901, dinner 1901.

Eve is Happy!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I believe

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.


Faith, that is what has been keeping me going.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tell me,

How old is old of an age to stop attending function like prom night?

'cz i was told at the age of 23,you should start slowing down with parties like that as its not for grown up but start planning for your future instead.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


*Psst psst*

I've officially in meetoto. Find me if you can *wink*

p/s: Won't be late nights.Bedtime is still fix at 2300 hrs.
p/s/s: I love you~


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Friday, October 03, 2008


You don't see what's really really happening. Im tired of defending and denying it.

Perharps i should just slit my wrist with the a razor and let to bleed...or perharps drug myself and haunt you back over the sorrows and sorries you've been giving me.

Hex you!