Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wedding Funeral

This article caught my eyes this morning. Such thoughts are hard to come by there
and then.Thus,how can guest of your wedding not shead tears of sorrow and joy.

PORT KLANG: K. Narani had always wanted to see her son married. But the tears of the guests at the wedding ceremony yesterday were of both joy and sorrow.

In a simple gesture of love for his mother, P. Sanjeevi Rajan married R. Sasikalah in front of his mother’s body during her funeral at the family’s house here.

Fate had been cruel to the family, as 47-year-old Narani died of a heart attack in Chennai, India, on Sunday while shopping for sarees and other accessories for the wedding which had been originally scheduled for June 30.

When her body was brought to the house at noon yesterday, Narani’s grieving husband Perumal suggested that Sanjeevi Rajan honour his mother’s dream of seeing her son married.

Bride and groom consented, and after consulting with Sasikalah’s family, it was agreed that the wedding would go ahead.

Two priests were brought to the house, and between 2pm and 3pm, they conducted all the usual wedding ceremonies minus the yagna (fire ceremony).

Sasikalah, 25, was dressed in a blue saree while Sanjeevi Rajan wore the traditional vesthi and jippa.

Sanjeevi Rajan, 28, also performed the patha pooja, where he washed the feet of his parents. For this ceremony, Perumal stood beside the body of Narani.

The thali was then placed in the mother’s hand before Sanjeevi Rajan tied it around Sasikalah’s neck.

Instead of the usual yellow rice, flowers were given to those present in the family hall to bless the couple.

Later, Sanjeevi Rajan said though a marriage in such circumstances was unheard of, he was glad that it took place the way it did.

"I could have got married in the temple later, but would my mother be there? At least now, my mother is still here. My parents were side by side. It means the world to me.

"It’s both the saddest and happiest day for me in one go," he said wiping away his tears.

Sasikalah said she was fortunate to have her wedding in front of her mother-in-law.

"I got the chance to pay my last respects as the daughter-in-law and it means a lot to me."

Her father, R. Rajaratnam, said when Perumal came up with the idea, he discussed it with family members and everyone felt that it was a good suggestion.

"It’s definitely worth it. Narani wanted to see the wedding and Sanjeevi Rajan wanted his mother to be present at his wedding. Both got their wishes."

As for the wedding invitations that have been sent out, Rajaratnam said everyone would be informed about what had happened.

However, he said the couple would get their marriage registered at the temple on June 30.


Such sweet thoughts from both parties agree to wed at the funeral.
Leaving the tabboo aside sometimes do bring two together as one.





Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pirates attack

Pirates of the Carribean was awesome!

Let there be Pirates 4