Friday, February 29, 2008

Psst psst

Hey peeps,

Don't be caught surprise when ahask is being intrude by another author.He will be taking this spot while Im away for my sweet escape.

You will soon to find out who.

p/s: Im leaving this post for you, guard these with your monkey-ness,aight?



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


You turn 21 today in a blink of an eye. Its gonna lessen my burden since you've grown wiser.


Take charge of what your in now as in future there is more awaits you.


Your new toy looks a little like you.Round and have small eyes.


Dad and Mom would definitely called to ask 'bout plans you had in mind to mark this 21st. And it was up to your loving sister and caring bro to ensure cake is ready,dinner is set and other stuff which needs to be done went well. Don't be sad when Dad and Mom can't be there for this 21st of your.Even when i had my 21st.They wasn't around too,so as Bro. But hence,we had each other didn't we? That's what matter-


How was the cake picked by me? Awesome wasn't it? =)


I can tell you were thrill with presents. Who isn't anyways.



With lots of love from all,

Happy 21st birthday.

I was a little shocked when i woke up found you sleeping in the toilet. So cute...will definitely post that up! weehee...


Monday, February 25, 2008


It was her night.Born a Valentine Baby but choose this night to booze!

So yea! when your partying in the club,what is a party without the boozes right?


A little of every shots also made another person high,and to bad it wasn't the HOST herself.

Familiar faces like sharon, Alvin, Jimmy


Crowd was avast!Not to mention the loudness apart from us and those football fans wathing a live match. It was as if we were cheering for the winnings,and they were cheering for their goals.


This time it was Lounge 2 again.Located just right after the round about behind Bdc,route to Kota Samarahan.


She is LOUD,agreed by KB. She spelled cousin - 'kacheng', which at first i though why on earth she's calling Anna ass( in Hockkien of coz). Baby talk they are.
So concident that she has a huge crazed over purple stuff which i am also addicted to. We can lala together. We hehe together and we definately Rock!


Meet her 'kacheng' whom has a world of their own at times. Watching them being Farni (Tim's baby talk which interprets funny) could at least makes you giggles. This is when i go ''Pinata pinata pinata''

Ruku of coz.

Meet Sharon whom like to sniff sniff.

Aa! Meet Boss. Nothing better but to 'suang' me always. Stalker stalker stalker. . .:)


No idea what were they thinking? It could be as if Jello was saying 'Ey! Give me back my green tea' then tim goes like 'uuk!fark of!' . Haha-

This could either be getting Darrel or Anna drunk moment.

Anna's eyes can electrify you,man!

Plesant suprise to catch Aebyn at HER party. Its been a while since we last hang out. Still shuffling ar?

When your high,this is the chances of being punk'd at.

Don't worry.Her head isn't turning backwards.

Peeps whom Rock HER night!
click here for more photos

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Something to reflect on...

Have you ever have friends who tend to let you down out of a sudden?Perharps people you know whom are of this way..not forgetting those whom you loathe due to simply situation whom your not the only to be blame at?

I pity these people whom cant seem to get over matter which is nuthing of their call to it, but tendency of blaming the others are being held at.

Think wisely before you start tearing others apart again. They are as human as you are...though I doubt you are even human at all. Because my perseverance with inconsiderate think-they-know-it-all people has reached its limit.

And so life begins, every day is another new day, just waiting to be discovered. Can't you learn how to let go of many many things in life. Learn how to live each day as it is and start to accept that there are things which may be beyond your control.

Why blame and isolate youself against others and still commit to the fact that you know it was wrong in the very beginning?You made your choice in the very beginning and choose to stay with the current life, why when the others move on still gets the blame of being betrayed at??

I don't get it when cutting others and let them bleed to the fact that I know it is not easy to trust. Especially if one has been hurt before but I believe that trust comes with trusting. and that it is the most important ingredient in any relationship. Im also aware that sometimes the trust you had for that person just crush when you least expect them. Hence,it saves us from a lot of negative energy that will definitely just bring us down.

Isnt it obvious that we sometimes dont trust because we dont want to get hurt. so what if being hurt is a choice that we can make?yes there will be times when it can seem so cruel, but it cant be that the world is just so against us.

Stop harrasing other people life exspecially those whom they called you friend as yours is not much of a different from them also.Be a friend and lend that shoulder for them. Sometimes when your caught in the situation where the other side fell betrayed while the other side moved on.Think of it as what i called it-LIFE

Life is a series of problems,
Either you are in one now,
you're just coming out of one, or
you're getting ready to go into one.

Life is really about simplicity. Not at how your judging others for it. Keep peace and spread the love.The world is running low on these.



Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's Valentine to you?

What is Valentine to you? Is it the day where lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. This is what valentine meant to me.


Its Valentine when you got a new family member around.I have always admire babies as they are the only creation made with genuine feeling.So innocent and yet lovable.Listen to every cries they made,every gesture done and every tantrum given.Some may say its nuisance,i think its their way of communicating.Unlike adults,as they grow,the tendency of hurting you even more.


Its Valentine,when you get to go the Funfair twice a week and hear your gf screaming her lungs outs. And when the twister twist and turn you upside down...the feeling? Almost Nirvana.

Credit: Timothy
Its Valentine, When you have peeps to laugh with as if we're high.

Credit: Alvin
Its Valentine, When i get to toogle a DSLR.

Credit: Alvin

Its Valentine, when your feeding your soul.Darn shiok!

Credit: Jimmy

Its Valentine, when your seeing no evil.

Credit: Alvin

Its Valentine,when im having my cup of coffee everyday.

That's Valentine to me. I don't need flowers nor chocolate to be pleased at.

To those whois longing for the one whom yet to come by...
To those whom would be lonely this day,as your better half is away...
Treasure those around you,embrace life...Rock On!


Will you be my frog prince?

p/s: Thanks for all the lovely MSGs and CALLS. I may not reply to your MSGs doesn't meant i don't care...think that im in the middle of something urgent.

Happy Valentine's day to all.



Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Something i've been working on over the CNY.
New skin.
New cbox.
Additional plugins.
Not flood.
Leave me some sweet thoughts.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Signs From Above

Have you read about Rose version of interpreting the Rat year?Well,its indeed hilarious when Jello made that mimic. You see,this post of mine wouldn't have video of those. But hence i present you my version of the Rat year.

Each year of the Chinese calendar is dedicated to one of the 12 animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac.(General yes i know that)


* Babes whom bring out the best in me whom i cherish very much.

As with all worthy legends of the mythical sort,there are several versions as to how the 12 Chinese zodiac animals came about: it was either Buddha or the Jade Emperor who initiated an invitation, and the event varies between a birthday dinner, a farewell do and a forest race. The difference ends there, more o less. Unanimously, all the versions agree that of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, only 12 turned up and they were each 'awarded' a year in the Chinese calendar. the order in which they arrived determined their position in the 12-year cycle, and it is these same dozen denizens that forms the zodiac, the basis of Chinese astrology.


*Lyn, my cam whore partner. HaHA!No worries, i wont post your tumbang pic/ muka jaik here.

As their orders follows-Rat,Ox, Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep,Monkey,Rooster,Dog, Pig.

It is said that The Rat being known to be charismatic, creative and magnanimous to those they love. Rats are also social butterflies. They take great pride in their work and are perfectionists.


*Ever lovable Bethan. She can talk till dawn.If she was selling insurance, i bet she gonna earn hell lot of commission. Look at her 1st pic.. don that just ring a bell?Hint: HSBC Advert.


*Parker, i meet Lil Moon. She's so heavy and lovable. Eyes blinking makes your heart melt and makes you go ooohhh,sweetie pie~

Chinese elders are known to say, ''This is the animal that hides in your heart.'' Which one is hiding in yours?


Lots of Luv and kisses for this Chinese New Year,

Eve ^BebeY

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Let it burn

What do you say to chances?
A great debate i had this morning...

Remember dat we can only move on if we accept the things that we didnt want to happen, learn the things we dont want to know and let go of the memories that we can't live without

Don't let others bring you down.
what they don't realize is that the more they hate someone the more they become that person they hate. That's why people say "one could never hate so much, because you will succumbed to that feeling of hatred towards the other person or thing bit by bit until one day,
you become that thing you hated so much"... so don't hate. forgive & forget. learn to let go & move on.-

I believe nobody knows just why you are where you are but your own self.It could be fate Or random circumstance.
It could so happen your at the right place at the right time.

I also believe its two roads intertwine and if the universe conspired to meld our lives.
To make us Fuel and fire.Then know Where ever you will be.

So too shall I'd Close your eyes,dry your tears cause when nothing seems clear.
You'll be safe here from the sheer weight Of your doubts and fears of weary heart...

Pray and believe when the light disappears and when this world's insincere,You'll be at peace. When nobody hears you scream I'll scream with you.
Save your eyes from your tears When everything's unclear,from the sheer weight Of your doubts and fears Wounded heart.

When no one understands,I will believe You.So put your heart in my hands. Rest assure all things will be fine. I got your back for sure!