Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Ervinna

Happy 26th Birthday Ervinna aka Parker.

What makes Ervinna,ERVINNA LINGGIE.She's Cherry,Bubbly,Blur and Sophisticated.

Your days ahead are likely to start on a rather wacky note which will bring out a need for some independence and a more rebellious side in you, and while there will be plenty of opportunities in starting to achieve your goals and ambitions.Dont neglect your nearest and dearest, who will need some reassurances that you’re not drifting too far away.

ROck on beb! Lotsa Luv + Hugs

*Why isnt there any candles on ur cake?Aint c any candles

McDonald's Ty Beanies are out again
.This time is Hambuglar the bear and Birdie the bear.
Go get urs now at nearest Mcdonald's. :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kenny Sia-The Most Awesomest Birthday Party

Kenny Sia
The Most Awesomest Birthday Party at the Links Bar,
2nd Flr, Kuching Civic ctr.


Happy Belated Birthday Kenny Sia. Your Birthday was a blast~

*Coconut cake

*Kenny making his wish




*Kenny + Eve

*Bz Bartender

*Hazard Minors (They Shuffle)

*Right to left(top): Aebyn, Ayung, Eric,Ah pui
(Down): Eldon

*Mellisa + Eve

*Eve + Aebyn (aka Faizal)

*Rock on Kenny~

*Joanne,Eve, Sam

*Marko + Eve

Izzam n Lyn

Wedding Bells for Abg Abdillah Izzarim and Nur Azlyin,

Stadium Perpaduan Negeri Sarawak,

Packed with at least 2,000 people. Such a Grand event that it had to split into 3 places. I like the theme Under The Sea, remind me of Little Mermaid. :)

*Inside the stadium

*Under the sea Theme

*Newly Wed.May your days be filled with Laughter and joy~

*Eza, Sarah, Yati ,Matdir




TY Beanies

Ty Beanies from McDonald's. There are 8 to be collected.
This are the 1st 2 available, next 2 will be out on the 30th November.
RM 3 each but free when you purchase Happy meal. :)

*Ronald McDonald + Grimace

DIGI Streetbash party

Digi street party Saturday, 25th Nov,Travillion
Dont have much pictures coz Simon and Jeff havent pass me the rest of the picture.
Here are some preview

*U c it 1st at

*Swatch watches

*MC is a cutie

*Lovina Ang

*All that was there

*Eve, Kunga, Lovina

*Jeff + Eve
(RoCk on!)

*All that made it possible
Right to Left: Simon, Rammanel,Irene,Jefferson,Lovina,Yee chee,Yvone,Eve

Monday, November 20, 2006

Prom Night

Segi College Prom night

Ticket price at RM34.99 (i know...watz with 0.99)

Venue: One Tree Hill

Date: 15th December 2006

Ticket is limited to ONLY 100 seats.

Tickets is available at Segi College lobby or contact 082-252566

Mr.Brandon Blair /Mr.Jefferson Sim and committee members.

Organized by The Law society and music club.

*I got nutin to blog about ba.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

pImp my wardobe

How to Pimp your wardrobe or in Singaporean term Zhung your wardrobe.

*Above: From Plain face of N1

Added Bling bling!

*Above: To Bling bling! ?New Make over.

Blah...That's nothing compare to my current project pimp my wardrobe. I'm currently getting busy sketching my master piece of dresses. Getting ready for Christmas ba. Aint feeling the needs to go hypermarkets either boutiques to get my Christmas 2006 dresses cum New year also. :P

Be prepared! What you about to see now are only just sketches, can't show you much dou.

Its a Surprise! So, enjoy some behind the scene creation :P

*Some inspiration and sketches

*Sketches in the making

*More sketches



That's about it. Till my actual sketches is being realistic made.
Rock on!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Free Swatch

Message me for more info

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love,uncondition affection

I was struck by something while scamming thru Nov issue of Female just now.

An article caught my attention in blogging bout it.

'I dumped my finance after he got cancer' Testicular cancer and impotence ruined their relationship by Audrey Vijaindren

In sickness and in health, till death do us part....Jennifer* called off her wedding as she could not make the promise. Brian was diagnosed with testicular cancer and could not get erection thus was infertile.

Jennifer was torn between the love she have for Brian,11 months later. Jennifer saw Brian in a shopping mall hand in hand with his new fiancee -a nurse at the hospistal he goes to for his CT scans. They were getting married in 2 months!

There are people who would seek to say that Love is an unjusitfied emotion, and is in fact triggered by the karma.

It's explicable, but confusing. Some say you will "love" people that which Karma is at presence or perhaps of same intuition and so on.(May which explains why some guys end up with girls that are so much like their own mothers), and if this is true...

This would only proves just how well-thought out our lives must be.

If your a believer in a God, and that the theory was so true.Don't you think God would have sketch our destiny even before creating us as his master piece?
God would have manage many events to create the right tempo which would have put together all of us literally by hand, and by a one of its kind all on our own.

How great is that?

:: xOXo ::

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

rAya uNCut

Pictures from Raya. Enjoy~

* DInt manage to snap the foods,coz was too busy eating. :)