Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Audrey & See Kiong

Hey Lovebirds!
May the unity of your love be eternal & filled with passion & laughter through years to come.


Be in love & stay in love!


Just like The Icing on the cake.[Don't think dirty!] Its Something good that is added to another good thing.


On behalf of The Babes, We're overjoyed in profound amusement of love you've found.
Lots of love & hugs


Thursday, December 09, 2010

♥M A R I L Y N ♥

A belated post for Marilyn Long

Happy belated birthday! 

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Eyelash extension is a no no

Recently, I had a semi-permanent eyelash extensions done, in hope of getting a fuller & longer and very natural looking eyelashes.


Picture above pretty much shows it.No mascara. No eyeliner. No eyeshadow.


How its done? The whole process takes an average of  an hour.The beautician carefully applies the synthetic fibers with tweezers and a bonding agent on each lashes

Your not to wash your extended eyelashes within 24 hours of the application.Picture above shows the left side is with extension, right side is without.

Yes, major different!


Should you know.There's a few types of eyelash extension available. From single strands to semi cluster which are either Single synthetic, Mink,Semi Human hair etc at different lengths.

Sadly, those currently available [in Kuching] are semi clusters semi synthetic.

Now, what happen after 24 hours of application and you find few strains of extension fell out? You go back & get it fix FOC.


But in my case, I had to go back & got it fix for 3 times.Technically, few things which was obvious enough to notice.1st, the bonding agent used was stick unto my eyelid. 2nd, the extension lashes wasn't Mink nor Silk but semi synthetic.[But the beautician claim otherwise]

Above picture: This is how it looks [after removal]. I've removed the extensions as it hinder my vision & it wasn't convenient to keep reminding myself to be gentle not to use any oil based make up.

If you try to remove them without the proper adhesive remover you will pull out your own natural lashes.In addition,removal would cause you to loose few strains of natural eyelash especially if there are finer lashes of yours. 

Conclusion, eyelash extension done in Kuching is not recommendable yet. 

This is a beauty curiosity that ends up in disasters,literally.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Native in Sarawak = Melayu?

Native children of the Dayak origin to be changed to ''Keturunan Melayu''? You must be joking!

As i quotes from source -''For you and I this is very bad. How can a Malay go to church?  How can a Malay celebrate Christmas?  How can a Malay celebrate Gawai?” he asked. He added that these children and their families ate pork as well. “How can they be of keturunan Melayu?”

Could this be a directive fault from the Education Division of a Ministry? Or an act of ignorant to acknowledged such races exist [Rebranding] ? Tell me what you think?

p/s: Next time when you fill in a form and you see a space where you suppose to put your race, if it says Malayu, Cina, India dan lain-lain and it doesn't state your race, strike off lain-lain and write down your race

Read all about it here