Monday, April 23, 2007

Runway Fashion Party

Runway Fashion Party on 14th April 2007.
Pictures pictures pictures.
No bulletin to comment yet.

Dresses,Tops,Bags and accessories are all from Natale Collection,Temptation Boutique and Runway Boutique.

More picture after i've edited them,aight?

Lotsa Luv*

p/s: Shimani's Birthday upcoming this Wednesday. Join us at Barzing! Ngeh ngeh!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fashion Runway Party

To those who are into fashion and party.This is a great time to stand out in the crowd while winning some prizes.

There will be a Fashion Runway Party organize by Oddballs Management.

Runway Dance party will held in Permata car park at Taman Kereta,5th floor on
14th April 2007!!!

Highlight of the program will also have hair show, fashion show with co-sponsor from Runway boutique, Temptation boutique,Natale collection,v-perfect etc.

Tickets available at Mojo,Bar Zing, Lim KokWing...
For early birds ticket price at RM45 while on the day itself will be charging RM60!!

Free goodies bags, 1 complimentary (beer/cocktail) given and lucky draw
prizes sponsored by Cadbury Co, Guiness Anchor....etc@


See u all around n lets spice up the party!
For tickets and inquiries do PM me for it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Eve of April

Nothing special. Just taking a TURN in my 20's.Enjoying every inch and bits to its last.Kickin it.A change perhaps i named it.
I took a major change...its time to share it with you all.

<---Before i had fringe,
Before i decide to go wOOhoo!

After i had fringe (which was horrible)
Now its a lil' better.

After i woOhOo!---->

To Joe Doe,(If you happen to cross my blog,this is for you.)

You wanted pictures.Here there are.Thou its a lil' late but hence i made my words up.
My fringe has grown.(LOUD) Even better its much more acceptable for me at this time.
Yeah i know i dint listen when you told me not to...but ey! A Scorpio i am tend to screw up sometimes. LOL-

Till then~

Its not end of my entry yet
.Went for a wedding party via poolside at DAMAI.
Theme was everything can be found in the sea,except MERMAIDs and NEMOs.

*Rings embodied in sand with a XL seashell to hold them.

*While the 2 layers o 3 layers ChoC cake with gold powder and GUYLIAN choc as deco was XTREMELY CHOCOLATES kaw kaw.

*Flower girl dress in sarong.

*Seashells on the table and seafoods for dinner!

p/s: The bride and groom dint come with water world costume dou,Nor the guest.ALL dress code was Smart casual!