Friday, December 05, 2008


Yesterday was JELLO's birthday. A so called surprise at the Junk didn't turn out to be as planned. His birthday, he tai sai lor...


So we decide to crash his place instead. He was working...calculating door nobs. *ngah*
Look at him. Not identical to the cake's image even. Perhaps the baker had an artistic image of a person being nick named MC Chenky!


Get what i meant? Cake which didn't look like him...and as you could read those wording.
It wrote Happy Birthday, MC Chenky! (hey! Mr. DJ sausage with 4 legs running)


There were few options to make him look like it...either you draw and paste some fake moustache on him or you head on the cake. I guess this was the easier way to get it the look!


Tada!! MC Chenky with colours. (I thought that look like saliva dropping on to the cake?)


I know you'll be reading this post. NOoo!! it wasn't my idea to punk'd you,ok! It was those peeps...see! Photo as evidents.( JF sibeh shiok there,while TIM acts innocent)

Happy Birthday,Jello!!

p/s: Pack of 12s could last you the whole 2 weeks,keep the Sundays Holy! ngah ngah.


ahlost said...

Happy Belated Birthday KY :)

annna said...

LoL.. we got punked instead.

Happy Be-lated Birthday ChenKY!!

Eve! said...

ahlost- NGah2

annna- yea...6 of us kena FFK gok