Friday, February 23, 2007

DaIsy duKe

Daisy are to dream of a bunch of daisys, implies sadness, but if you dream of being in a field where these lovely flowers are in bloom, with the sun shining and birds singing, happiness, health and prosperity will vie each with the other to lead you through the pleasantest avenues of life.

To dream of seeing them out of season, you will be assailed by evil in some guise. Source: Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted ....

Daisys for my baBEs, Happy 23rd BirthDAY

*A decade of friendship. My babe-Heidi Fong.Her birthday was on 22nd february, never miss the date each year. We'll sent each other gift each time via air mail. sweet!
You Rock On!

*Among the best thing had happen. Another birthday babe-Victoria aka ALfredo whois birthday was on 23rd February. This year was kinda special as i manage to be there for your birthday. Sorry for the times i wasn't there for you. I'll make those moments up for you.Be true girl.

.: xOxO :.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogger meets blogger in Cat town.

To all blogger,
whether you are in Kuching or not.Feel free to come and join in FUN.
Meeting point is at Oregano,Travillion
Date: 24th Feb,2007

For more info,Check ->this,
Not forgetting ----->this,
And lastly -------->this.

.: xOxO :.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BubbLy BuBBles LUrve

Valentine Day with my precious baby.A gift on my 22nd birthday.A companion and friend.

*I like this

*My Bub kisses

.: xOxO :.

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Monday, February 12, 2007


Get my hair done again today.

Went shopping with my Bebs today.

I know my other Beb is reading through my blog. Time is ticking, you are soon arriving kuching by this weekend.But its sad,i wont be able to meet up with you as i would be out of town.
Remember to bring home your promises of gift for us here.We misses you dearly here.

.: xOxO :.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Have you(Sarawakian and Sabahan) came across such questions?Such people whom doesn't read the DISCOVERING BORNEO ISLAND book or perhaps watch DISCOVERY CHANNEL or even not aware of such existence of the beautiful country.

Some common and blah Qs:

TUT: Hey! You sarawak people live in trees ah?
ME : yes, we have elevators too..they're really an engineering featured because its not easy to fit an elevators into a tree.


TUT:You guys got electricity is it?
ME : Yes,but since cost of transmission is too high due to geographic barriers, we use independent solar panels and mini turbines scattered all and they are exactly 30k of them!!


TUT: Over there got what car?
ME : We ride wild boar.When the plane arrive at the airport,we take our wild boar and ride all the way to our tree house


TUT:Got road meh?
ME :No, just jungle trails and town.


TUT: You(any ethic race) from Sulawesi there huh?
ME : Yes, we are head hunters.Human brain is the best food.

TUT: Sarawak inside Sabah right?
ME :No, we are one independent state you idiot.

TUT: Eh,Sabah and Sarawak not same meh?
ME : Yes!!! How many times i have to tell you.

TUT: Kuching big hia?
ME :So so la...but we have the largest population of stray cats in the world.Say about 400k.Why do you think the city is called Kuching leh,u idiot?!!

TUT:Kuching got so many cats meh?
ME :Yes la!!! How many times i have to say??

TUT:Kuching got Malay?
ME : DUh!

TUT:Sarawak people can speak English?
ME :No. But we speak French because we were colonized by the French in the 18th century and then by the Aliens in the 19th. So our local dialect is pretty much based on the Alien languages that no one understand...


TUT:Kuching got airport or you use boat go(name of other state in malaysia)?
ME : Kuching airport is only fit for Fokker....Since a Fokker can't go so far,we have to use steamboats.No joking!! steam boats because Sarawak so rich with timbers,its much cheaper than diesel or any other petrol.

You decide alright..Tut really TUT TUT.

:: xOxO ::

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