Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam RIP

Saddam was sentenced to hang till dead this morning at 10am.May his soul rest in peace.
To those who understand what was his war was about,lift up a pray for him.
To those who doesn't bother about his war was about,lift a pray for him.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Earthquake is evil

Earthquake is evil.Slow connection and can't seem to load in some sites.I can't sketch on my site either.Whole day been raining,non-stop ever since Christmas Eve..Disaster destroying my grief on going to U.K FUNFAIr


Will upload pictures when connection is stable.Till then do tune in my site.

Am currently out of town!

:: xOxO ::

Monday, December 18, 2006


Last Friday was SEGI PROM NITE.It was way beyond my expectation(in a bad way).
I'll try my best to describe what was happening that night.But before i say anything...Let's feed your curiosity with some shots of 'd night'.

*Peeps!You tell me why on earth they give this?2 mini packets of Fisherman friends-Tangerine + Ginger flavors. WTH??


Prom King + Queen was chosen via voting way.No public nomination as 'they' choose the finalist.From Lecture to students till course counselor was chosen among the finalist.Got no freakin idea how they do the selection.If 'they' think you fit for it,then it shall be it kua.

*Prom King(A Law student i think + i dunno wat his name)

*Prom Queen(course counselor + i don know her name)

*Jeff always lookin fab.Rock on Jeff~

As you peeps are scrolling down this page, you all are ought to notice how people were dressed to impress.However,those are just the footage of the events.People present that evening was ALL DRESSED TO IMPRESS minus the venue which spoils the theme-PROM NIGHT.
Picture this peeps.Everyone was dressing according to the theme.Everyone had an perfect picture of how prom would be,Air-conditioning of coz!!

Guess what?There wasn't any air-con.It was PROM NIGHT OPEN AIR STYLE.Everyone was sweating hot.Even Prom Queen's face was shinning in sweat not shinning in glam.Werk~



*Carnation + Jackson Lim.Both sweet heart and still rockin~

*Jackson Lim

*Brandon Blair V.F. Whom never fail to flash you a smile each time you bump into him nor greet him.

It wasn't a blast, neither there was a crowd nor games.That's why you wouldn't see any photos of the crowd in this blog of mine.Not forgetting lousy food and bad location.What worsen the event were lousy music.I remember the Band that night was playing their code right until the singer came in with her attempt of Alicia Keys low tones.Crikey!God save my ears.
It wasn't a disaster but she just need to improved her singing skills.A little touch up,girl~

*Pastel colours is right. :P
Notice the smear image behind...

*Irene is her name

*Voon, another course counselor(middle).This was the best photo i have of us as some PARKINSON fingers cant snap Great photos even after couple of shots.

*Anthony + Cynthia united.

*Aha!This is my 2nd custom made dress.The 1st 1 was worn during DIGI Street party.Leaving my 3rd custom made dress to mystery.

It wasn't a blast at all that it ended early.MC sucks.The highlight of the evening was only lucky draw and prom king + queen.Sounds so pathetic,uh? I think average party celebrated at home would be so much better if to compare to SEGI PROM NIGHT lar.

What happen to ALL the creative people in hosting events like this??SEGI runs out of talented events organizer ka?Its a bad events which needs much to improve.I pity the next prom organizer as it would be a challenging task to get people to respond to.

Till then, xOXo

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last of it

14th December 2006 marks TY Beanies last collection.

Some may say 'its all about money,they put some nuts and wrap it up in a fluffy bag..'
While some says 'really got noting better to do then waiting in line for the beans'

What ever comments is it.It sure ain't stopping me from getting the last 2 Beanies of the collection.

Other Ty BEanies are sitting on the Christmas tree waiting for the last 2 to arrive.Yippie!!!
Tomorrow shall not have storm nor thunder,rain is fine until i get hold of the Beanies.
Beanies go go go~

**Happy Meal + Golden Arches

*Mission Accomplished

*Complete collection


Have your collection completed yet??

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Christmas is just around the corner. I know I can never be categorized as a goody good holy girl for the last 22 years, and I might never get a present from you for not being nice.

I've never asked for a present for the last 22 years,but it's a lil bit different this year...Only ONE single wish i asked of you.

For this Christmas, i asked of you to put a lil LOVE in every gift and wishes you're to fulfill.As living in this millennium century is just freakin scary.

Its scary when our love ones,turn agaisnt you now,
Its scary when the one whom we helped before, come to forget the deeds and favor we did before,
Its scary when a broken heart needs a mend which needs comfort,but got toss aside,
Its scary when people killed people,when murder cases arises each days,

Its such a cruel world and the world needs help.I very much agree there's not much LOVE in this world anymore.And as i quote from Joanne The world is changing...the world is very very cruel!

Please Santa grant me this Christmas present, and I promise I'd forever be sweet and nice, no more tantrums, and no more indulgence in shopping.

I'll be TRY to be a good girl. I swear.

:: xOxO ::

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Buy while donating

McDonald's TY Beanies are out again today.I cant help but to get ALL OF THEM.TEDDYs are addictive to me.Buying while donating to RMCC (Ronald McDonald Children Charity).

*party bear + fries bear

*Trusty + Mighty

*Sweety +Unity

2 more TYs and my collection is complete!

Monday, December 04, 2006

S-E-L-I-N-A 21ST

Happy 21st Birthday Babe!



It is said that Sagittarius have an appetite for learning and travel.

Selina's ability to concentrate all their attention on whatever they are doing at the moment, and seem to see no other way but theirs until their effort is made.

Sagittarius follow the rule if they have been successful in some one thing there is no reason whatever that they must follow it through life.Could this be true? We can sketch out our future but things are plan out in GOD's hand.

*Foxy Foxy


Happy 21st Belated Birthday Charlene Lee Fong Fong

Rock Bottom Babe!

Energetic, Funny, a sweet heart as she's always lending a helping hand when you're in need of it. We've been classmate since college till Uni till then a good friend. A great joke mate too.

Aja aja Fighting Babe!

Sorry for the late greetings,been busy with events lately.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

3rd International Cat Sho

Cat show at Kuching Civic centre,

2-3 december 2006,

0900-1700 hours

*Sleeping Siberian Tiger

*See..Its on BP today