Sunday, May 29, 2011

Entanggor Pre Gawai Dinner :)

Attended Entanggor Sport & Recreational Club Pre Gawai Dinner


The Kumangs for year 2011

Tadau Keamata & Gawai is round the corner.I sent my humble wishes to all to have a glorious moderate celebration,drink responsibly! For your loved ones still cares for you :)

p/s: To those who can't make it home this year, call home!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smena 8M- Lomo

The Smena 8m's unique fully-manual settings gives you total control of your shots.


Diana Mini

Diana Mini -A star in her own right. With the flick of a little switch you can move from the  square format to the amazing Half-Frame, giving you the ability to Shoot Forever, packing 72 shots onto one 36 films.

Looking forward to see how it would turn out


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sarawak Bloggers Talk: More than a blog

This would be the 1st talk organized by Sarawak Bloggers. Fees are at a bargain [with T&C].Those who wants take journalism & photography to the next level.Here's your chance to know how. Furthermore,a chance for you to network & meet people whois behind the scene or you might be interested to meet me? =p

One thing for sure, its gonna spell FUN FUN FUN!

If your keen,do drop a mail to to reserved your seat. 
p/s: In the mail,you can also quote you want to meet Eve *haha*