Monday, November 03, 2008

On the eve of my birthday, i took the public transport to Sunway guided with Claudia's GPA system. (Tim!! i finally took KTM to Sunway & bus to Mid Valley)

Subway was empty.It looks as if i was in some horror movie scene and the black shirt guy behind was some Ju-On.

I made it here.See anyone familiar in the pic?
Hint: Bottom corner left-girl in purple shirt.

Since it was part of the agreement- to go and do something We never did,Ice Skating was it!!
Your such a sweetheart to overcome that doubt of skating on Ice,thought there was worst skater than yourself. =)

Sunway Piramid & Lagoon was kinda quiet that day.Maybe it wasn't school break yet.No Qs! No Jams!

I had Sakae sushi.Frog icon.,Syoo cute¬ Oh ya! I brought some Froggie friends home (not live ones)*wink*

Late that evening i had shisha & Turkish Ice cream. As you order your flavour, they will sing some turkish song,ring the bell and jigle a bit.Ice cream was syoooo yummy!!

There were couple of live street performance that evening as i was strolling the streets of KL. Silverman at the side walk of Sg.Wang.

Goldman on the side walk of BB plaza.

I misses You so much right now. I enjoyed our last weekend together very much,its making me miss you more than usual. I think I'm making any other normal human who reads this throw up on themselves. :P

Score, baby! I love you indeed¬ grr grr


Anonymous said... GPA system is good, isn't it? *giggle* Lucky you're not getting lost. It proved that I can be a guidance for you ;) some more to come in the future.

i miss the whole weekends with you too, babe. how i wish you could stay longer and we can shop for the warehouse sale as mentioned to you. another warehouse sale coming this week and the following but i dont think i can make it *sigh*

See you soon. God Bless!!!


Eve! said...

Anonymous aka Claudia was scary dou¬

I know!! Frustration mode d.Finger crossed for another trip there aight?

Thanks for the Frog you gave.Its syooo cute.

Love you *Hugs*

T-MO-T "n" TING said...

syo finally ah...heheh!!!
skating chun ka...
wonder how manytimes u peng hahah!

ahlost said...

super hate ice skating lor !! *LOL*

Anonymous said...

hey eve. alwyn mentioned that u guys r going to blog about absolutely boutique this weekend ;) i did my shopping there before i left for kl and lol when i got back too. my comments r moderated now hehe.

yienyien said...

eve!! hope u O cheh a.k.a blue green a.k.a bruises cepat recover hor! hehe

Eve! said...

T-MO-T "n" TING- yea!!But the ice was a little rough & wet dou.When skate,can feel un-even surface which makes you hard to slide. Peng twice on wet ice.Fun!!! =)

ahlost- *ggrr grr* Paintball next??

samantha-O ya?No idea. Sweet...nx trip we go together aight??No wonder it took quite a while to load.

yienyien- *HAHA* sheeshhh....

Anonymous said...

And I misses you so much too. Never had enough of you when we're together.

Ice skating.. although scary at first, but checked!! Weeeheeee


Eve! said...

Anonymous aka -honey- Aha!What's next??

Anonymous said...

u're on hols yes? blog about ur shopping! ;)