Saturday, November 29, 2008

Absolutely Dress[ed]

Work’s tough, every day am mentally drained. I rant over breakfast & lunch.

However, im glad my weekends are filled with events and meet ups. Story short,2 weeks ago I had a session of retail therapy at Absolutely dress gallery. Located at DUBS Commercial Centre, Level 1.Kuching, Sarawak.

Just what I needed…


Ambiance setting with faces of Audrey Hepburn sets in the image of a Trent setter boutiques.


Of clutches,bags,earings and etc.


Don’t this dresses makes you smile? Arrange by colours which makes choices being filter with wise decision.



Those whois looking for maxi dresses or something summer. Here’s where you should start looking. Mixture of both hobo & gypsy.


Got your CNY attire yet? These are ready for you to bring them home!From traditional mandarin collar to modern cap sleeves.


I tried a few. Animals prints were among the In thing this season. Comes in 2 colours which you could easily view online.


I just had to try this halter purple diamante dress on!


Sunday best?


Turlip cutting is among the classic!


If dresses were bread, accesorries are like butter. Both combos makes your sandwiches tastier ;)



Now, head to Absolutely Dress gallery with your GFs! You ought to catch something you'd like*wink*

p/s: Won't be posting up much photos of the dresses the girls are wearing. Go and drop by the boutique itself!!

p/s/s: Thanks to ADG & team!


T-MO-T "n" TING said...

wah..tok baru best...
know wad is wad hahaha! unlike me ahahha LOL!!! sik pande explain!

and yes thanks to ADG for their time

kavukz said...

yoshhh..ku sungguh jealous...kacak2 dress nya....but im uk12..susah mok cari baju...*sigh*

Absolutely Dress Gallery said...

you look stunning in those photos, i love the one in color-block maxi dress the most. the camera definitely loves you & your geng. ;-) see you again for your next retail therapy here!

ahlost said...

Cantikkkk !!

Eve! said...

T-MO-T "n" TING -Thanks for you being a Joker,which made every shoots easy!!

Kavukz- They've gt size for you my dear!

Absolutely Dress Gallery- THank you! you've got lovely collection!

ahlost- terima kasih!