Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Imaginary Friend is here

Psst psst! Silence is starting to be presence at work, only the air from the aircon ventilator is heard.


I now have a imaginary friend at work whom is a monster.Coloured purple with lime green stars behind as spots,big yellow round eyes, black cornea rings with thin lips.

*Big wide smiles*

p/s: I believe when there's death,there's always birth. And that death comes in silent and take everthing you know of in a glance. Last Sunday evening,both friends of mine had a loss and addition to the family of theirs. Congrats to Nemor for his new baby girl -Hani Risha. My deepest condolences to Fred & Family for their lost in the family-Edwin S.


Anonymous said...

Eee.. that Purple Monster of yours sounds like Barney jak la...

-Not Barney-

Eve! said...

anonymous aka -Not Barney- Barney is not a monster,He's a T-rex dino.

Anonymous said...

hi eve..Ta Kiong? where is that. think u got the wrong person la. hehe...HI btw. =)

annna said...

i noe who's that friend of urs.. It's the plurk monstaaaaaa!