Friday, February 01, 2008

Let it burn

What do you say to chances?
A great debate i had this morning...

Remember dat we can only move on if we accept the things that we didnt want to happen, learn the things we dont want to know and let go of the memories that we can't live without

Don't let others bring you down.
what they don't realize is that the more they hate someone the more they become that person they hate. That's why people say "one could never hate so much, because you will succumbed to that feeling of hatred towards the other person or thing bit by bit until one day,
you become that thing you hated so much"... so don't hate. forgive & forget. learn to let go & move on.-

I believe nobody knows just why you are where you are but your own self.It could be fate Or random circumstance.
It could so happen your at the right place at the right time.

I also believe its two roads intertwine and if the universe conspired to meld our lives.
To make us Fuel and fire.Then know Where ever you will be.

So too shall I'd Close your eyes,dry your tears cause when nothing seems clear.
You'll be safe here from the sheer weight Of your doubts and fears of weary heart...

Pray and believe when the light disappears and when this world's insincere,You'll be at peace. When nobody hears you scream I'll scream with you.
Save your eyes from your tears When everything's unclear,from the sheer weight Of your doubts and fears Wounded heart.

When no one understands,I will believe You.So put your heart in my hands. Rest assure all things will be fine. I got your back for sure!


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