Thursday, February 07, 2008

Signs From Above

Have you read about Rose version of interpreting the Rat year?Well,its indeed hilarious when Jello made that mimic. You see,this post of mine wouldn't have video of those. But hence i present you my version of the Rat year.

Each year of the Chinese calendar is dedicated to one of the 12 animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac.(General yes i know that)


* Babes whom bring out the best in me whom i cherish very much.

As with all worthy legends of the mythical sort,there are several versions as to how the 12 Chinese zodiac animals came about: it was either Buddha or the Jade Emperor who initiated an invitation, and the event varies between a birthday dinner, a farewell do and a forest race. The difference ends there, more o less. Unanimously, all the versions agree that of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, only 12 turned up and they were each 'awarded' a year in the Chinese calendar. the order in which they arrived determined their position in the 12-year cycle, and it is these same dozen denizens that forms the zodiac, the basis of Chinese astrology.


*Lyn, my cam whore partner. HaHA!No worries, i wont post your tumbang pic/ muka jaik here.

As their orders follows-Rat,Ox, Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep,Monkey,Rooster,Dog, Pig.

It is said that The Rat being known to be charismatic, creative and magnanimous to those they love. Rats are also social butterflies. They take great pride in their work and are perfectionists.


*Ever lovable Bethan. She can talk till dawn.If she was selling insurance, i bet she gonna earn hell lot of commission. Look at her 1st pic.. don that just ring a bell?Hint: HSBC Advert.


*Parker, i meet Lil Moon. She's so heavy and lovable. Eyes blinking makes your heart melt and makes you go ooohhh,sweetie pie~

Chinese elders are known to say, ''This is the animal that hides in your heart.'' Which one is hiding in yours?


Lots of Luv and kisses for this Chinese New Year,

Eve ^BebeY


ahlost said...

Happy CNY, Rattie Sis *LOL*

You look so pretty in that dress :P

T-MO-T said...


Preparing for MOTHERHOOD ka ahhahah!

rambochai said...

hohoho... newyear no come my house ... :) , i though that day u come my house with jimmy... :)