Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Something to reflect on...

Have you ever have friends who tend to let you down out of a sudden?Perharps people you know whom are of this way..not forgetting those whom you loathe due to simply situation whom your not the only to be blame at?

I pity these people whom cant seem to get over matter which is nuthing of their call to it, but tendency of blaming the others are being held at.

Think wisely before you start tearing others apart again. They are as human as you are...though I doubt you are even human at all. Because my perseverance with inconsiderate think-they-know-it-all people has reached its limit.

And so life begins, every day is another new day, just waiting to be discovered. Can't you learn how to let go of many many things in life. Learn how to live each day as it is and start to accept that there are things which may be beyond your control.

Why blame and isolate youself against others and still commit to the fact that you know it was wrong in the very beginning?You made your choice in the very beginning and choose to stay with the current life, why when the others move on still gets the blame of being betrayed at??

I don't get it when cutting others and let them bleed to the fact that I know it is not easy to trust. Especially if one has been hurt before but I believe that trust comes with trusting. and that it is the most important ingredient in any relationship. Im also aware that sometimes the trust you had for that person just crush when you least expect them. Hence,it saves us from a lot of negative energy that will definitely just bring us down.

Isnt it obvious that we sometimes dont trust because we dont want to get hurt. so what if being hurt is a choice that we can make?yes there will be times when it can seem so cruel, but it cant be that the world is just so against us.

Stop harrasing other people life exspecially those whom they called you friend as yours is not much of a different from them also.Be a friend and lend that shoulder for them. Sometimes when your caught in the situation where the other side fell betrayed while the other side moved on.Think of it as what i called it-LIFE

Life is a series of problems,
Either you are in one now,
you're just coming out of one, or
you're getting ready to go into one.

Life is really about simplicity. Not at how your judging others for it. Keep peace and spread the love.The world is running low on these.




Eve! said...
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JR said...

what an article. only the mature can understand. u rock.

Pazuzu said...

testis testis 1, 2, 3...

Pazuzu said...

alamak.. can post dy!

Selemat Hari Chap Goh Meh~~