Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Raiding Swan City


How are my Comels doing?? Sweet of one of them to buzz me 'round 1835 hrs to tanya khabar, being out of town-to have made that calls sure will cost you internal roaming rates. Syooo thoughful indeed. Im expecting you to arrive safe back home aight? =)

This morning, i was awake by the noises made by my little nephews- The lil' monkeys came and raid my royal chamber. Looking at them,makes me thought for a while- ' Ah?You lil' monkeys sure grown up fast eh.

With their cries and mischief,how can you not resist to hug them tight.To layan their kecohness. The best jokes they crack was over hearing them saying that there was crocodile behind my crib. Syooo cute! Didnt know i own crocodiles as pet.

Aha! Enough of this lil' monkeys.

Tomorrow, Im leaving this santuary i called Home.Too soon to leave i must say.There's just too little time for me to caught up with just all my fellow friends & families. Im sure some will be suprise to find that im gone this soon. *long sigh* Whereby, those whois expecting me will be delighted.

Im raiding another town. To meet my Frog Prince!
Where?Find out in my next post aight?

Hint: Swan City! Where Gordon always brings goodies back to all Comels.



ahlost said...

Frog prince :))

Happy CNY :)

annna said...

grok grok.. Happie Chinese NIU Year!

Eve! said...

ahlost - *BIG WIDE SMILE*

Gong xi Gong Xi.

annna-I had my kompia!

sweetie said...

Blessed Chinese New Year! *huGs*