Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dutchez Plurking


One fine morning, i gt a text from Anna which started off like this..

'' Sayang i register an account in plurk for u edi!Start plurking! So we can follow up with each other...''

She ended it with Wuahaha!

Moi, i haven't had time to blog nor to even sit down and lepak with you peeps lately. Been caught up with work ler. Now you ask me to stat Plurking? *ehem*

I'll try to divide my time and attention to plurk,aight? Plurking = Live Telecasting. ngah ngah

Feel free to add me on plurk- Dutchez

Rock On!


ahlost said...

Can't wait to see more plurks from you :)

Joo said...

Von, Anna is using Rose's way. So in a way, u oso kena force like me to plurk.

Eve! said...

ahlost- *big wide smiles*

Joo- yea..tactics!

annna said...


Eve! said...

annna- >.<''