Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Swan City

I'm raiding Sibu- The Swan City.

Will be here till the 29th, 30th I'm raiding another town.

Caught me if you can ;)

Gordon always brings back Kompia from his day trip to Sibu. Now tell me, where do i get them ah?? Am not a fan of Kampua dou, but i loves Chau chai Bee Hoon ey.

A date over Chau Chai Bee Hoon will do. *ngah ngah*



ahlost said...

Eee.. i want chau chai bee hoon too :)

annna said...

huhuhu.. You should be in kch by now. Amaciam?

Eve! said...

ahlost - *nyum nyum*

annna- No..jz reach last nite ler.

JustinKC said...

It's been years since im back to Sibu liao. Been too busy working on CNY

kavukz said...

owh...i miss Kompia...n Sibu kampua! next year HAVE and MUST go back!! for cny!

Eve! said...

JustinKC- Go go.Take trip back! Go eat kompia & chau chai bee hoon!

Kavukz-Kompia ok,kampua cannot.Mee sua lagi cannot telan. Can go Sibu anytime ba :)