Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breeze Kuching Launch Party - Victoria Arms

Breeze Kuching Party was a blast! 30th April '09, Victoriam Arms (Merdeka Palace), Kuching- Sarawak.

Breeze Magazine is a local lifestyle magazine only found in East Malaysia! A friend of mine whois based in KK 1st introduce the magazine to me, so that was how i came to knew bout the mag named BREEZE (i think i still have the 1st issue laying somewhere).Previously, Breeze Magazine only circulates around Sabah.


The party not only was a BLASt! But was a hell-lala event! You don't get to see this uber sporting mens strips half naked (with fit upper torso ok!)


You don't get to get to watch DJ leiley doing his 'thang'. Not to mention the crowds that move with the beat. (ain't those pongo-pongo moves)


Awesome band members, rocking it with Me.

Band that rocks VA


Gary the MC.


Made them competed for free style dancing. Some made the wau bulan dikir barat dance, some dance the chicken dance, some tried to shuffle while others just shys away.


She's one groovy dance(2 thumbs up), the competition was well too easy for her to win.Guess the winner wasn't her dou. The crowd gave louder cheers to the shy ones. It not easy to come up and stand in front of many people. Its fair enough to the crowd to decide ain't it?


You don't get to see cute hunks walking round in one night.(there's only space for few hunks only), from top to toe wored sponsored attires like Limited Edition, Absolutely Boutique & I.T Fushion.


You don't get to see cuties walking around in pretty dresses..

There are things you don't get to see. That's why is not only a BLAST! but it definely hit BIG & BOLD.

Next updates, on the people who made it there & made it happen.

p/s: Delays in posting due to caught up with overwhelmed events weekly after Breeze party! On top of that, some unexpected event occur.

ROck on!



Edwin Then said...

im d 1st.. hehe
great blasting party i shall say. looking foward to the next one. ;P

TMOT said...

MIND BLASTING. and it BLASTED MY MIND and my ears too!

sharon (^.^) said...

Nice one!

Eve! said...

Edwin Then - haha! yea, im too! 4th of July!Booked!

TMOT- hahah!i can imagine u doing the act d now.

Sharon (^.^) *smiles*

amieyalen said...

Didn't manage to say hi to you... I just wish we'll meet in another blasting event like this... :D Nice post... Waiting for this... and at last... you update it... :D

ahlost said...

Woots.. More pics? Kekeke..

annna said...

ngahahaha.. I'm still on Part 1 on this event. MATI.

It was a great party esp with you all.

Eve! said...

amieyalen- *smiles* Aro!

Blasting is coming near us.4th July!!

Ahlost- Lazy to post up.

Annna- haha! i know. :)

Anonymous said...
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