Monday, February 16, 2009

Swan city, Sibu

2nd town raided was Swan City.

Sibu, among those city whom is making ways bridging towards development.


I was asked, Why go Sibu? Its flooded.How to move around? I answered, not the whole Sibu town is flooded only certain areas are affected. Airport still operating what.Wisma Sanyan still operating what. Even the coffee shop where i got the kompias from also still operating. :)


Even McD wasn't flooded ey. Only the road in front of McD was flooding. *ngah ngah*


Not the whole road. Only certain places with poodle of water being filled eh. Not as bad as what the papers reported bah.


The water level was quite high, to the extent the fire bridged had to move its fire saver mobil to higher ground.


Enough of the floods.Remember i mentioned Gordon used to bring kompias back over his day trip to Sibu? Well, his GPS system didn't help much than i don't know where the hell is Seng Kee located nor do i know where to get kompias even. Being adventurous, 1 fine morning i decided to walk around Sibu town itself to find some kompia.The coffeeshop should have them right?


Nah! Here's me eating the kompia which i finally got from the market in Sibu. *Pfft* ain't easy to spot them dou. Its not like its written on a banner- ' Kompia sold here'.

Nevetheless, i had a date over Chau Chai Bee Hoon for breakfast. It wasn't the tastiest but at least.

Next updates would be the final town i've raid.


Philip said...

Really missed the chance to bring you around for nice food and nice happening places.

Eve! said...

Philip - There's always next time.Kch Sibu ain't far

annna said...

Jakarta also flooded but when I was there, it wasnt that bad already.

Did you go berswimming swimming with the swan??? lol

Eve! said...

annna- Goodie! That explain your delayed flight.

No,i wasn't that wu liaw to do so.

ahlost said...

I want Kompiassss ~

Anonymous said...

hey read your post. i m in sibu too. but errr..... SIBU IS NOT A CITY, NOT JUST YET! all the best! :D

ahpaul said...

aiks... i wanna eat kompia... ^^