Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Im back and there's tonnes of work which are due soon.

Im alive & kicking still. CNY was AWESOME! even when it was pouring whole day. ;)
Thanks for the msgs, mms and calls made. Im blessed for you still have me in your thoughts.

Hang in there! Many things to share, little time for me to spare. Let's see if i could finish filtering them up by this weekend aight? *finger crossed*

Honey! Grrr...*smile*

p/s: Guess whois back in town for the week?Many catch ups & heaps of misses to shows.

Hint: Partner in crime back in Segi & an x- colleague of mine


ahlost said...

Wootz... Do update us when you're free :) Long time no see eh ~

Philip said...

Hi Li, it's you! What a discovery for me on the net this morning. So how was your trip to Sibu? Did you try the chou Chai Hun Gang at cafe Cafe? It should be the best in Sibu.

TMOT said...


take ur time deary! ahahah!

Eve! said...

ahlost- Hang on there!

Philip- Aha!Sweet..Sibu was great! the only chou chai hun gang i only get to tasted was lousy.Need your recommendation for the tastier ones.

TMOT- Yerrr..