Monday, December 17, 2007

Alar cartera

Could this be the event every company is looking forward to every year?
Mine was much a nuisance to attend to.Despite the fuss and much lil grown up kids which i need to cater too...other than those,im pretty much content with the outcome.

I wouldn't be posting up much pictures as im kinda exhausted with all this happening.Watch out for the constant updates hitting this blog!

Here's the ballroom.Not much lighted up,not much being added to also.My senior prom was so much better than this(the deco and crowd i meant).

Here are quarter of the committee team.Minus the front right person.He's just plain there showing his cutie Aussie neck tie. Haha!

Since theme was Celebrity Night.Mini Stars are nicely place on every table.

Even this candle glass look yellow!

People gives speech.We snap here and there like its our business.

When there's a party,there's always an urge to have those beers,liquors and wine all pile up to get wasted!

Named those nominees and get them kaw kaw that night.No worries,i fight favors as strong as my character. Keep it short and simple-I wasn't any of the drinking victim whom got so drunk to recall what ever had happened before knock out.

Another colleague of mine being transform from her bitter thinking to that night Vala Boom! It hit her so hard that she feel joyfull and was smiling the whole night. It was just to much to handle a heaps of compliment.Rock that way,girl!

He won the titled for fastest drinker that night. Wuu ha!

One of the my best picks picture for that night,lovely peeps with tones of spirits.
Love you girls/guy to bits!

VVIP also got nominated.1st runner up of cause.

This sweet lady is getting hitched next yr!

Even hot mamas like her gets nominated! she sure is a drinker.I cant bloody drink beer like that...instead of going down,its sure goes against odd.

1st runner up for female category dou. Hot mamas really can drink i tell u.No wonder discotheque are jammed up. :P

This duo aint not hot mamas.Still singleton. Call 1-800-rock-on

Ok,that night was fabulous to its peak that i had couple of instant BF that night alone! Is that why people look forward for such events every year? Haha~

We tried pulling this shot...Failed~
*Ketara glak muka selambar

But this shot passed ISO ler!

Happy happy joy joy.
Not worries.Not of them got injure during the photo taking of this was done.

1 celebration with 2 shots of events-Birthdays of cause!

Then people,clap clap dance dance. And list goes endless

Dance people dance...hit the dance floor with your move.Leave your hands where they should be.Some tried to dance the cha cha with the fast tempo of music while others was dancing to the top as if it was some Dangdut music. You beat i was laughing my arse off (in heart).

Very happy people dancing...

Don start scrolling down to find a picture of me dancin'. You won't find it here.
Another best picks i've made.Attack of the sugarness makes me go hyper enough.

3 teams took part.2 teams won the same prize. Hahak.

Longest line wins the race.

Get what i meant? Happy people attacks the dancefloor draws millions of smile.

You wont see me doing that neither.Owh ya! that was what i worn that night.The 3rd creation from what i was working on back in .

Oyi o haha.

Dances till the break of dawn.

Vanity shot dead.
Ey mom,if your reading this post.Im not drunk nor near was just a lil pinch of hyper-ness from Lovina's coke.

Another favorite picks of mine.Under the golden tree of Eden.Haha.
The tree and carpet oso same theme as me.*crap! One funny thing happen during this shot was everyone seated at the lobby (inclusive of the counter people) were looking at us.
Cause we acted as if we were kiddos. what to do! we saw gold Christmas tree,so sakai lar.
A shot of vanity and insanity = Rockness.
Frank,if your reading this post.Its not mat rock ok.

Have a Rock Christmas.

Till then,
Eve loves you!


Anonymous said...

Hoi! Hoi!
Yeay! I'm the 1st one who comment in this entry.
hahaha! Really a lot of funny things going on that day.
Eh! how come this time so little wording??? hahaha! Well, like to let u know I enjoyed it anyway.


Frankie said...

mat rock yo..
rockk on!!

ahlost said...

Eve.. So many pretty pics .. :)

And of course, you look pretty that night too :P