Friday, December 21, 2007

Frills with Isaac n Jaz

Isaac & Jasmine,

Your wedding is a beautiful celebration of how much you love each others.
As you join hands,hearts and lives today.
You will undoubtedly reflect in all that has brought you to this moment.
Together you shared endless smiles and laughter,innumerable conversations,plans,dreams,fear and hope.

So many memories wall with you today,
Remember of happy moments.
Of a love that grown and blossomed,
Of favourite things and pastimes shared,
There are what make today so beautiful.
You have shared so much and learned so much about one another and now,

With confidence, you stand before all the people who are dearest to you,
and you profess your love for,
trust in and commitment to one another.

May you continued through your life together with this same confidence and love.
May you look joyfully into your future.

For the years ahead lie waiting to be filled with more bright memories.


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TimWalVoon said...

u dress like indian but got talk like one or not ah....