Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Pinkertons incoming.Tons of pictures + editing = Lazy to upload.
Saturday was definitely a hit!

I cant remember exactly when i first meet Bob.Or should i say it was random meet as our family were friends before us,den we went to the same school. Then from there,parties,softballs,movies etc.You name it,we've done it!
St.Joe cathedral..same place different time with yesterday's wedding.Seeing quarter of the peeps there makes me feel like home.Having them around me was AMAZING!

Flower girls- which i was once before

It was raining that morning,

Hence,the smiles never keep going.

Ah! Kids..having them are like blessing,sometimes there are a pain in the Arse.yeap!capital A.
But these kids were sweet enough to always tag me.Some have thought i was their Mummy. Hukhuks!

These were some of the quarter peeps i mention above.Not to mention,you'll see them quite often I'll mention about them now and then as their some of the amazing peeps i would like to share them with you all.

When there's a crowd,there's always a group photos.

Karen is her name.My best friend sister,of coz! Another peeps which makes me feel at home.

He was named Moses.Creatively musical talented.Strung the guitar like he was playing for Nirvana, sang it loud like he's Bon Jovi. Groom's brother of coz!
Unlike me.Creative applied but not musical talented..but i can sing like Von Jovi dou.hahah¬

Dinner reception was at Banquet.

The setting was just right.Even the lighting makes you go in the mood to party.

Got tease.

You wont see me in any of the dance floor of dangdut. I can't hit the beat for dangdut! but in this wedding,dangdut lives.Oh boi! i tell you..seeing majority the aunties and uncles hitting the beat of dangdut.
Nevertheless,i enjoyed it every seconds.Towards the last dish,the tempo was hitting my beat.Sweetness i thought! just in time to hit it. Many people i meet,which really kicks it like home. I can't make it home for this year Christmas.i always make it home every occasion.
*finger crossed miracle happens aight.

Photographer at work

Bachelor on the list.Perhaps next year i should nominate him as one of the gorgeous people.Teehee =.=

Larissa-watch her grow up. She got friendster le.



TimWalVoon said...

da Banquet! food must be long!!!
20mins per dish?

why ur gambars all brur brur wan ler?

Eve! said...

Tim- that night food was rather fast.Some more my table only 5 table.so yeah..gt to eat more.Get to drink more also..haah!

Gambar brur buru bcz i purposely make it tat way la..haha!


Anonymous said...

Is tat Bridget n her sis, Dr. Dora in d pic?? Damnnnn tat woman din tell me tat she's in Miri 4 d wedding...gggrrrrrrrrr ;p

Anonymous said...

oppss my bad..it ws nt in Miri ahakz..;p

ahlost said...

wow.. so many pics.. hehehee... love all your photos.. and Congrats to the couple :)

Eve! said...

mystery ladybird- yeah,,ur right!that's her.Wedding was in kch.

Ahlost-ar la...still gt some more gok.

Ehon said...

hey eve! there'll be a bloggers' meet this coming sunday at tao, do come!! :D all food and drinks sponsored. :) more info on my blog at ehonchan.com and let your friends know too!! ;) :D