Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love,uncondition affection

I was struck by something while scamming thru Nov issue of Female just now.

An article caught my attention in blogging bout it.

'I dumped my finance after he got cancer' Testicular cancer and impotence ruined their relationship by Audrey Vijaindren

In sickness and in health, till death do us part....Jennifer* called off her wedding as she could not make the promise. Brian was diagnosed with testicular cancer and could not get erection thus was infertile.

Jennifer was torn between the love she have for Brian,11 months later. Jennifer saw Brian in a shopping mall hand in hand with his new fiancee -a nurse at the hospistal he goes to for his CT scans. They were getting married in 2 months!

There are people who would seek to say that Love is an unjusitfied emotion, and is in fact triggered by the karma.

It's explicable, but confusing. Some say you will "love" people that which Karma is at presence or perhaps of same intuition and so on.(May which explains why some guys end up with girls that are so much like their own mothers), and if this is true...

This would only proves just how well-thought out our lives must be.

If your a believer in a God, and that the theory was so true.Don't you think God would have sketch our destiny even before creating us as his master piece?
God would have manage many events to create the right tempo which would have put together all of us literally by hand, and by a one of its kind all on our own.

How great is that?

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QueeN of tHe DaMned said...

Hey, I have tat issue too... i like the story... " i like my husband's mistress!"

Eve! said...

Haha!! Same goes for me