Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Ervinna

Happy 26th Birthday Ervinna aka Parker.

What makes Ervinna,ERVINNA LINGGIE.She's Cherry,Bubbly,Blur and Sophisticated.

Your days ahead are likely to start on a rather wacky note which will bring out a need for some independence and a more rebellious side in you, and while there will be plenty of opportunities in starting to achieve your goals and ambitions.Dont neglect your nearest and dearest, who will need some reassurances that you’re not drifting too far away.

ROck on beb! Lotsa Luv + Hugs

*Why isnt there any candles on ur cake?Aint c any candles

McDonald's Ty Beanies are out again
.This time is Hambuglar the bear and Birdie the bear.
Go get urs now at nearest Mcdonald's. :)


Parker said...

Thanks gal....very much for this beautiful dedication....although both u & uTet is not there with me, i can feel ur present too....Love u all so much...rebellien?? hahaha...definately u going to see lots of that part of me in this coming me....IcE quEen iS cOming tO tOwn!!! otHer than tHat, i'll be tHe ParKer tHat u kNow (cRazY sExY cOoL) ....wiLL aLways be me, aLL the tIme....muah....!!!!
foR mOre of my birthday pic...go to this website....

Eve! said...

Yeah!!U've a member d.