Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What truly means something

Its been a long time since it happened, yet sometimes as I lay awake at night, I ask myself: Could things have gone differently if I had been a better person, a better girlfriend, a better friend,a better daughter,a better sister or a better team player?


I am a person who’d rather regret from something that I’ve done or tried to do… much rather than the regret that I feel from never trying or never making that move to do something that my heart was dying to do; never knowing what could’ve been. Despite that, the question still remains; which regret is much more worth our agony?


What do you do when the only thing that tells you to go on is your heart, when almost everybody else is telling you otherwise, at times, including your brain?And its a sting to either the heart or the brain when they don't agree what's the right thing to do.
 Snuggle is the new member of the pack.Says Hallo :)

Part of me wants to believe things happen repeatedly to a person for a reason .But how do I figure out why I am constantly stuck in the in-between.


CreativeBitchin said...

well whatever it is, I think you're awesome! HUGS! :D

Eve! said...

CreativeBitchin- THank you :D *Hugs*

Lynda lau said...

Hello there, this sounds familiar. Just sayin ;)