Friday, November 11, 2011

Studio 23: DMAS Rocks!

Remember I told you,there was an upcoming dance musical happening!? I was there!Were you?


Having  backstage passes was really something! You get to talk to the dancers & see their costume closer before the show. [ Where you can only see them far like a match stick size from the seating] & during the show. What more to say No photography/videography during the show!


The 1st show started off with an Arabian fairy tales [I love fairy tales!]. Above picture are only 3 tribe princesses out of 5! [L - R:Tribal, Pirates & Air]


Thriller dance was the semi finale of the show which was pretty good! The sound system & lighting was as if you were seated in a 3D musical show!And their youngest dancer was as young as 5 years old.


The finale of the show ended with an Aeriel silk dance which I usually sees it only on TV.


Overall, the show was OUTSTANDING! Like i've said earlier, the sounds & lighting + the performances was as if you were seated in a 3D musical dance show. Its standard & quality equally like an international dance show choreography & planned professionally!

It is a definitely capital WHOAA!

When would the next show like of be you may asked.Add them on Studio 23 on FB! to be among those to know what's happening next! You never know what they have in plans,anytime :)


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