Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reverse bungee jump

Regatta week is in Kuching this week.I decided to give The Elevator a try this time. If your familiar with the game Angry bird,you're blast in the air like a sling shot but still attach to the harness of course.


Hair tied & I am ready!


 Safety harness checked!For just in case,its too tight =)


  I thought to myself- just be ready and I'll be alright


Every shoot taken,it seem i was napping throughout the whole jump.Peeps commented I wasn't fun cause I didn't show fear nor scream.Maybe I was overwhelm distracted by the crowd below,squeaking sounds!


Shit you not.It aint that scary.Its AWESOME & you should give it a try!

The thrill ride can launch a person more than five storeys high.[Go infinity & beyond!]

When : Sept 15-18, 1100-2000 hours daily in conjunction with the Sarawak Regatta
Where: Waterfront Kuching
Fees: 30 RM/Pax, Childen below 12 enters FOC

Photos credit to Iwene 


ahlost said...

Waaaaah.. didn't know Kuching got this bungee jump thingy..

I doubt I'll dare to go try :D

cyrildason said...

yalah u didnt should... Like Smurf.. so quiet.. =P

Rodz Nocturne said...

Errr yea even your face in those photos seems.. ermmm... doesn't show any excitement hihihi