Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarikei,Sarawak aka Pineapple town

Sarikei is famed for its pineapples .


It was pouring heavily during this trip,less picture taken.

The center of town has many old Chinese shop houses & this is central market.


Rajang river


This reminds me of a scene in slumdog millionaire thou.


Sarikei is much a smaller town compare to other divison in Sarawak. Serian is much populated & developed being compared.Anybody traveling by road or express boat from Kuching to Sibu must pass through Sarikei.


Another transportation hub for traffic is via Rajang river, using the express boat. Have you ever sat in one? I have, during my trip to upper Baram.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Can't believe that it was less developed and 'smaller' than serian.


Anak Perak said...

i dont know about serian, or how 'develop' it was. But i think sarikei got all the thing need to be a town. Maybe u should join Sarikeians facebook group to or just visit to know the real situation.

Eve! said...

Anak Perak -I have not mean Sarikei is under developed.Maybe you should come to Serian or maybe just Betong town itself & see what development am i talking bout :)