Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy laksa

Sunday, 28th March' 10.

1000 hrs, Golden Arch

* Cik Anna's birthday, it was her treat*


Laksa brings people together .


Laksa keeps people happy & content.

Don't you think so? Laksa party, anyone?


cyrildason said...

rose them al photo looks nicer la.. :(

annna said...

Thanks for coming! :3

Let's have another laksa makan makan again!! Slurps~

kallyempire said...

yup!!let's have laksa party~~tabao at golden arch?lolx..

Fahriee said...

Cik adik! Where are the rest of the photos? :P

Eve! said...

Cyrildason- cz Cik adik yg snap :)

Annna - laksa party nx time

kallyempire -yea!! laksa party.

Fahriee- in FB! =D

TimmyLicious said...

i like laksa very very much especially with big prawns

Eve! said...

TimmyLicious - wuishhh! yeaaassss! Me likey likey too!

ahlost said...

Woot woot..

Laksa at Chong Choon soon?