Tuesday, August 18, 2009

King spikes back!

The season is here & blink of an eye its gone.

For each time im feasting on Durians , i can't help to flash back how my childhood moments was. For every Durians season, everyone in the family would gather at aunt's place to sit around the big long table to feast. Pretty much warm it felt back then when one crack open the Durians, all would rush to taste them 1st hand. My cousins (mostly of age gap of 2-4 yrs apart) will be running round the house playing,some would be outside bullying the dogs.


It was as if a family tradition till The Good Lord decides to take Papa (grandpa) away for an eternity life with him. Since then, things had change. The cousins who was running around grew up just too quick ...


Hence, i still find it a memory to cherish as for each time Dad makes effort to get them for us all to sit around the table to feast away together except for Koko who would get away as far as possible from the smell.


Have you had your share yet?I had mine & it was superb high.Yummy rich finger licking good!

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Joe Xavier said...

ah... i freakin miss the durianssss... I love em bitter ones!