Friday, August 14, 2009

Super ultra Me


Its been a while since my last updates. Negligence is what you could call it. Should you know,im on a double job which stretch me to every limit a multi tasker could manage. On average, im working late in the office till 1900 hrs. Life for me is only home- office - home.

While weekends are fully used for sleeps.


*Super Ultra Robotic Me*

The jobs i does evorked major from providing support for EM,from reports and assisting in pulling GSAP report in term of stocks management, weekly open orders list. To have to provides support to monitoring and improvement of HSSE and Logistics KPI's.

On top of all,providing day-to-day support (both proactive and reactive) to peers, line supervisors and line managers on any of the issues already referred to, as well as response to immediate/unusual situations. Thus in keeping local legacy systems (ERP) up-to-date related to logistics activity.

While the other jobs which requires me to scheduled incoming n outstanding orders. Fulfilling every order before each standard lead time agreement. Monitors stock availability and orders and perform various tasks necessary to schedule. To confirm the packed volume loaded and post goods issue to generate delivery paperwork for deliveries and delivery confirmation for pick ups.

That's part of my 2 in 1 job description stated. Darn it!

Challenging as it looks.It comes with hell lots stress & unnessary pressure. It makes me unefficient when task gets undone in time.
Im not suprise to find small print in Job description stating Job description stating the ability to work under pressure heh.


yienyien said...


how long will that gonna be?

Eve! said...

yienyien- until further notice

Anonymous said...

Sounds torturing for you babe. Anyhow, multitask is good. Just take care of your health, one of the HSSE issue. Haha. Unlike you, I have to suffer from changes of working hour from KL-US-UK time. Gee..*confusing*

Best regards,