Monday, April 20, 2009

Sarawak Rock Party 2009-Preview 2

Here's why you should get your ticket again!They are not Green day, Pearl Jam nor Nirvana. But they sure do rock bottom! Striking every beat of drums, stroking every string of guitar & pitching their passion through their songs.

Khai ( 忾)

The members:- Edwin (Vocals, Guitar) ,Jal ()(Guitar), Brian (Bass) & Joanna (Drummer)

The roots of Khai traces all the way back to the college days of bassist Brian and guitarist Jal who were first introduced via mutual music-loving friends. College came and went, but the friendship and musical interests remained and the two stayed in touch. The two jammed occasionally with drummer Joanna, who also plays in another band with Brian.

Talk of forming a band together have long been in the cards but nothing concrete came from it until February 2009 when Jal hooked the band up with experienced musician, studio owner and music teacher Edwin, who he had met at gigs around the local scene. Fronted by Edwin, the four-piece Khai plays a fusion of funk, grunge, punk and old school hard rock and heavy metal, which lyrics that range from everyday life to social-political issues.

Swing Habit

In 2006, Swinghabit consist by 5 people, each from a different band got together. Felyx (lead singer), Zaiz (guitarists), son of Yang (guitarists), Sung (bassist), and tenji (drummer ) have a different concept of music, so pop punk band in the form of a dynamic of their young side.

Instructors Orchestra Monkeykat (Ho KANG Wei Instructor of Music Orchestra), under the guidance carefully and successfully in 2008 filled rock song heart charity Competition and won the best prize Typhoon

Rock Paradise

Rock paradise form in year 1994,Thomas (leader/guitarist),Nelson (drummer), Ah Ken(Keyboard) & few members. Members keep changing but they still determine to maintain the band. In 2007 lead guitarist Ah sam and guitarist Ah wong join the band. they have the same dream and knowledge, that’s rock n roll never die. Now, they are very active in big or small open performance

See them live!

Date: 26th April 2009
Time: 6pm till late
Venue: Kenyalang Theatre, Kuching.

Tickets: RM10 [early birds]; RM15[on event day]

Contacts for tickets: Ah Hao (HIP HOP N’ ROCK) - 016 888 1220/ Edwin (Khai & Orion Burn) - 014 686 627 / Jeffery (THELiFE) - 019 828 2220 / Leslie (SLAP) - 012 808 3366 \2. The exclusive limited edition T-Shirts is on sale at RM25 each.

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