Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sarawak Rock Party 2009-Preview 1

Get your tickets! I'll tell you why its worth going.Below i'll preview few bands which gonna hit the stage, their history.

AMS [Amazing Music Staff]

AMS is not just the name, but the band has the Attitude, Made, Sense.
Chinese Interpretation would be attitude, creativity, sense of touch!

Attitude: We adhere to the local Chinese writing lyrics, lyrics of the songs focus on the expression of the message! Without any impact on the mainstream commercial culture!

: inside the band is musical culture important. Creative band subject to certain restrictions, the creation of the powerful.
Sense: since the original inspiration for life, pay attention to everything around them, which looks to the future of visual impact.

AMS five members: Yao Tsai(Lead), Sen Xing (guitarist), Keith (bass guitarist & Sudo) &Morderl (drummer ).

Established in 2004, They were 2nd runner up tirials for Yamaha Asian Beat Hong Kong (2007) won the best bass guitarist award & pop band of the same year in the Championship. On top of that, the final to win the Greater China region, Hong Kong Popularity Award. Participated in earnest in 2008 Taiwan's largest music festival D "Spring Scream"!


3 members of Visualies:- wai(guitar + vocals),dy(vocals), Russ ( Bass) are influenced by a wide variety of music genres, and we guess it shows in our band's music.
Their remaining band mates have all left this little city we call kuching,leaving the remaining members to continue. Playing and writing music in our free time. oh and about the band name, as you've probably guessed its a combination of "Visual" and "lies". in other words, what you see is a lie. your perception is a deception. or something like that.


Dyerbreed was formed in late 2007 and perform for the very first time at the 2007 rock party at Fever lounge. Jerry Ngu the guitarist currently a teacher at SMK Sungai Maong founded Dyerbreed alongside drummer Jacky Chua and Ex-bassist Yee Boon. Norman Tan was the lead guitarist up till late 2008.

AMS five members: JERRY NGU (Guitarist), JACKY CHUA (Drummer),
JASON YONG (Bassist), PETERUS MERING (Vocalist), LESLEY JOSEPH (Lead Guitarist)

Date: 26th April 2009
Time: 6pm till late
Venue: Kenyalang Theatre, Kuching

Tickets: RM10 [early birds]; RM15[on event day]

Contacts for tickets: Ah Hao (HIP HOP N’ ROCK) - 016 888 1220/ Edwin (Khai & Orion Burn) - 014 686 627 / Jeffery (THELiFE) - 019 828 2220 / Leslie (SLAP) - 012 808 3366 \2. The exclusive limited edition T-Shirts is on sale at RM25 each.

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