Sunday, September 14, 2008


Mid-autumn festival which falls on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese Lunar Calendar. This is a historical festival rather than a religious one.
Legend has indicated that the secret about a plot against the Mongolians was hidden inside the mooncake and the mooncake was distributed widely.

Lanterns were used at night as signals from higher grounds and hilltop. Today, this festival is celebrated with moon cakes and latern hanging on the house. The lantern and the moon cakes have attracted many children and adults attention. In certain area, lantern procession and competition are held.

Krista Kindy held theirs over the weekends. Kids were enthusiastic of 'cause. Another experience to be told.

Sponsors of the event:
-Business Card Centre,Tel/Fax : 082-413618


-Sung Hoe Trading Sdn. Bhd,Tel : 082-455670Fax : 082-457415

-Diamond Energy Drink,H.P : 019 887 4444

-Multiplex Reality Sdn. Bhd.Tel : 082-331166

-Raiya Ubat Gigi Fluorida Windward Outdoor Media Sdn. Bhd.Tel : 082-378026

-Penrissen Ingredients CenterNo. 390, Batu 4 1/2,J
alan Penrissen, 93250 Kuching.
H.P : 016-861 6076

These are among hands on project made by the kids to convey their meaning of mid-autumn festival to their parents. With drawings and wooble wooble handwrittings are their signatures.


Thematic teaching approach is being applied in Krista weekly.


Kids, whom get to taste the civilization of early childhood education.Which has advance so much better over the years compare in the 80's. They glare thru' the kindy with each individual fashion statement,unlike my days in kindy-i had to wear uniform.

They had lantern walk around the neighbourhood via playgroud.What more could this kindy provide besides having a playgroud next to it, [ its one big playgroud, you could play paint ball ey] 6-7 tutors plus assistant teacher, 2 session either full day/ half day and what's a plus is limited seats only.90 students for year to date '08 and 2009 enrolments has begin.

Kids, whom gets better toys now.Plastic & colourful playhouse,gadgets and gets what they want.Unlike my days-i only had barbies,beach and public parks to look forward too.


Could this be the early stage to learn the art of photography? Maybe...
An early stage for multimedia learning?Maybe...
fyi,WiFi connection is available in Krista.


A start for a star,indeed!


John Kho, Vicky Chua,& their twin daughters poses.
Vicky Chu, the principal running Krista Kuching's Stutong Branch. John on the other hand manage the marketing and supports.
Try to spot Vicky on the signboard in front of Krista.


Also,a desmonstration of moon cake making took place that evening. Ingredients were easily found and made. Owh ya! Its Jelly moon cake,aight. I'll spare the recipes laters.

Goodies were courtesy of sponsors whom had made the event possible.Since it was held in a kindy, your guess of what's in the goodie bag was a list of predictable baby products.

Stop! Im not legal yet to have babies.*big wide smiles*

Krista CenturionSublot 6 & 20,
Taman Centurion 1,Jalan Stutong,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel: 082-451306Fax: 082-461306


JF said...

I did mine too.. Muahahahaha !!!

Arth Akal said...

right about now im craving for some filthy-sweet-mouthwatering mooncakes wtf?! ;P

ahlost said...

Kids nowadays are so lucky to be able to study in a such goody moody environment *envy*

Eve! said...

jf- yea!! commented.

arth akal-mooncakes with contemporary flavors are nice!!

ahlost- agreed! last time my c-saw was wooden plank,now plastic/metal. geez!i guess those were the kids whom grown up to be engineers yea.

sharon (^.^) said...

good thing u din say mothers love the mooncake making thingy.. LOL

great post!! very detail..

had fun that nite..hope to have more!

a n n n a said...

miahahaha.. u din mention the "amazing race" kar?

anyway, kids nowadays very fortunate to have such great environment to study and expose with. Even got science lab man..

Back then, in my kindy years, the only best thing I look forward to is break time. We were served Milo with Crackers biscuit.

Eve! said...

sharon (^.^)- I dare not say it that way.Otherwise,your gonna turn me into pink monster.Scary ley.

Annna- Amazing race post will be next post. I agreed! science lab with computer gok. Lucky brats! :P

Anonymous said...

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I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!