Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Extra Joss?

Would you try a drink named EXTRA JOSS ?Its name remind me of as if its some soap detergent of lemon fragrant.*giggles*


The menu says watermelon juice, Longan, Lychee, Durian Belanda juice, coconut etc. Suppose said all in english,why there's Durian Belanda juice?

Tacky,isn't it?What's Durian belanda in English??


Sour sop it is.Yey!

Menu can be found at Kenyalang,hanging between the eatery poles.



Anonymous said...

I suppose they should put in "Ang Moh Liu Lian" then...hahahaha!

Eve! said...

That would be the sub-title for it already kan

kavukz said...

hahaha!"ang moh liu lian"...tats so ah beng!

Eve! said...

kavukz- ah beng ah lian

sharon (^.^) said...

hahahahaha.. ang mo liu lian.
anyways, thanks babe. will check that out!

Anonymous said...

sour sop!!! mmmm...yummy!!! (immitate california prune advert)


T-MO-T-TING said...

sour soap even nicer...

Eve! said...

sharon- *smiles

Anonymous aka Claudia- ark..

t-mo-t-ting- chiez...later bubbles comes out

Extra Joss said...

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