Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thou Art

Over this 1 year,since this has started from a team of peeps whom shared the same interest -wanted to pursuit their belief with the others. Then,a group was form-it was named Kuchingbloggers.

It serve the aim to gather bloggers mainly in kuching to come and share their ramblings of thoughts and of infos. We work our way thru,it may be small but everyone did contribute to something of what it has become of today. Them, faces on the 1st homepage made little changes but brought big differences.

Ey peeps, remember this?(above pic) This was the 1st homepage template we used.Things were good back then wasn't it? There was always an event we could go together,there was lunches/parties/get togethers and even 'lim teh' session at 2100 hrs!

Things changes right after the template of the homepage changed without prior notice. It turn into a business profit kinda of thing rather than a community of the same interest. Unauthorized adverts being put up, business making site is being link and restriction of info. not shared.

Soon,trust was questionable of not being able to hold unto the responsibilities given alias with not honouring the task itself. Have it never cross your mind that we're here 'cause we have agreed initially to create community to gather bloggers whom shares the same belief rather than self profit business making?

Over our last meeting,i had given up my responsibilities not because i can't perform well or not being able to commit to it nor could it be unsatisfactory of the choices made.

As i quote myself in the minutes,''In my own will,im stepping down from my responsibilities. I cant work as a team when there is member(s) in the commitee tends to questioned the trust on everyone. My participation for KB won't be there but support wise will be'.

You need to have trust in a team even when you've been dissapointed over and over again.We motivate each other to serve better,not by judging the ability of another. The mindset of people are stealing your ideas must prevail because there's always far better creative people around.

All the best towards making it a hit site. Success will not lower its standard to us, you've loss potential supporter among us.

Rock On!


p/s: This is not a blogalitic issue.Its an issue of trust embedied within the aims.


ahlost said...

You write it so well. Can I copy and paste to my blog? *LOL*

T-MO-T-TING said...

different ppl with different personalities trying to make something big...

but 2 out of that big group doesnt trust...

so its a big impact...

Trust is a big word, a tough thing to do... but if u have trust...
something big will come!
but then again... if we dont things will go rock bottom..
as simple as that...

and again...
we wish them all the fame they want to have...

but for KB, they have lost my respect.

SilverIsle said...

Ah! I see me in the first homepage template wor. So happy can? LOLz. Who changed it! Hng. =P

Anywayz, although I'm not part of this whole thing, but I still wish all of you the best and believe that decisions made are the best for everyone involved. Cheerioz!

a n n n a said...

Things can only be done in their way, not everyone's. Trust was not in us in the very first place. She was not in the planning discussion in the very first place. So, tell me, where should the trust be in the first place?

Eve! said...


t-mo-tim-ting-Individual claims matters most when its a team effort.

silverisle-Aa..good it made you happy ey. =)

annna-Yet self proclaim owning over matters.

Irene said...

Thank you for your honesty.

As for the template change thing, it is to have a better listing page because the previous site was very hard to maintain, we've been waiting and waiting for the promised "program" but there wasn't any and had to make changes as fast as possible to ensure that the update is easier to do. As far as I know, I was told that before it was release, it was shown to some ppl in the team. That's all I know.

As for profit making thing, since that is what you see, then what else can we say? There were never such thing except thinking of ways to get money so that there can be more events or programs for everyone because when there is no money, we can only ask for sponsorship, are you willing to pay from your own pocket? It's impossible to have various events and we have to pay from our own pocket. Also, so far there wasn't even any profit made at all and not even a single cent that we have in our pocket from there. There is no way for the domain name and hosting to be footed by him alone but for the sake of the site, he had to do so, everything from his own pocket.

All these should be put out so that we can explain to you but it's never put out to be discussed except some general statements which we aren't even sure what any of you are referring to.

Besides that, I know all of you are not happy because I posted quite a number of things that trigger your anger. What else can I say, it was meant to be referred to some people and not a whole. With respect, I never pin point any name out. If I don't respect any of you, I would have say out name one by one in my post and in the meeting I won't care about any meeting rules and just say everything but because there're rules in the meeting that we had to follow, without president's consent, it is not good for us to bring it out.

I had composed and sent a mail to the president after the second meeting about all that I want to say and all the underlying thing that they should know about all the things that we had done and what we are worry about but sadly there's nothing taken into considerations or put it out to say it out in a proper way because I believe they can but nuh~ it was otherwise.

If you would like to see the mail, I can forward to anyone of you but I doubt anyone will want to see it because I had been pin pointing names in there. Furthermore, since I'm being told that none of u will care about it anymore, then well... Just let it be.

So yea...That's all I can say. All the best to all of you.

Joo said...

Dunno wad its all about but so many ppl comment, i oso drop some comment here lah... More meriah bah... HEhehe...

Eve! said...

Irene - Far as template had changed this could be communicated only by those whom had close contact with you, or perhaps is working this site with you.

I cant help but to notice along the remarks given.When you imply the word ‘WE’, who would be the WE of you’ve mention here ? Which platform are you speaking of, KB or code of conduct in KB?

I’ve got nothing to comment on this part, perhaps the President himself could comment of such remark of improvision, which is being stated to makes things even clearer.

Least, I know of your intention here.Hence, there’s another to listen too and im waiting since it is a 'WE' say and 'HIS' own pocket.

Your feedback made a difference,with this I hope it answered those who seek for answers of such queries.Thank you for the feedback on this issue which had trigger anyone in any ways.

Eve! said...


Irene said...

The template is not my decision and I never got any decision on it and I've never design it. I was only being assigned to do some updating when needed, sometimes he did it, sometimes I helped for the updating part coz it's not possible to let him do it all by himself. I was only shown the template that's all. I have no idea who else had seen it but I am very sure there are at least few more people that saw it.

The promised "program" , this I was told by him saying that one of the team members will do it but due to business of the team member, he decided not to bother that team member and take charge of doing the "program" .

I've been getting complain from him that no one is helping him, so all I do is just do whatever he asked me to help out with. I hold no power to make any decision. So, since he asked me to do, I just do my part in whatever needed to assist him. Therefore it's "We", me and him that did most of the job though I know previously I had totally not contribute anything because I wasn't able to join any activities that was organised by you guys.

There were jobs that some of you that did help out and do when needed and believe that you guys can work but the problem is that I've been getting too many complains about some individuals that is not doing his/her job which I ended up doing those abandoned jobs coz I was told no one is helping him such as following up with sponsors, looking for sponsors, liase with some of the event things, sending out newsletter and so on.

I don't understand why you guys never get the email of the community work yet there were responses from some members stating that they have interest in joining the community work via e-mail after knowing about it from the mass email. Even the person that is supposed to do the write up for us email me after got the mass email and apologised for not being able to come out with the write-up.

The job to let all of you know was assigned to that person and that that person did not tell you guys about it even though you guys hang out together a lot and this person is the one that get all excited about getting all the skypers to join.

I had told some of them that I had in my MSN about it and they told me they can't commit in the project because it's still too early to decide. I've done my part.

Because the write up was not done, I had to be the one that wrote the whole thing because we(those involve in initiating this project) are running out of time to submit the feedback to the party involved coz we need at least some confirmed numbder to confirm with them to book a slot.

When you guys mentioned that you guys have no idea about the whole thing, I would have point the person out but I decided not to do so and ask you ppl to check out the blog post. So it's out now but I'm not giving the name, the person involved will know.

Don't you people even care whether he's been paying for the domain name and hosting? He had to foot the bill and since there is no fund available, he had to pay from his own pocket. The website took up quite a bit of bandwidth and he had to move to a costlier server because of the increment of members. This financial burden is not fair for him to bear it. So when there is no fund available we have to find a way to get fund to for all these maintenance. Is that fair for him to foot all the bill himself? Or ask him to ask money from you ppl?

Also, due to somebody's act, we(KB) were put into a very difficult situation which we did discuss with the presidents before going to the meeting and we were expecting them to highlight it but no one dared to highlight it! Since the presidents decided not to say it out coz they also have no idea how to put the things out to talk about it, do you think we can say it out? If we(me and him) do not respect the person, we would just say it out without even consulting the president or even just said it regardless of the presidents decision.

Does this answer anything? Need more answers?

I don't mind if you people don't like me for all these because that is who I am, I will help anyone that need my help and I'm used to take up all the bits and pieces that was left by some irresponsible people. Many people hate me for this coz it seems like I'm stepping on their heads but I do what I need to do. What else I can say coz I cannot control anybody's mind on what they think of me.

Yes, I really appreciate all the honesty in the comments and I had never hold any grudge on any of you except some random complains of certain people which it's OK and it's not really a big deal coz everyone got their own personality. You cannot force people to change. The only way is to avoid giving any important task for them to do. Who says working in a team is easy, there are too many personalities in there and everyone got their own strength and weaknesses, if you can handle it it's fine, if you can't then don't, let others that can do it to handle it. Imagine you taking up a post and your vice is someone that can't even help you out. At the end what will happen? You will surely be very frustrated.

Like everyone said, you had reached your limit. In fact I had reached mine ever since the rebranding thing came out but I was still sane enough to send an email to the president convey my concerns and believed that there is a way to solve it or some other alternative which there wasn't any.

So how? Like this lo... That's the fact and we can't change it. Just accept it lo.

Funkye said...


y u guys bother to be involve such thing in d 1st place? haha...

got affect fuel price meh? kekeke
no offend ya hahaha jk...

so..nex time spend less time in cyber related activities...

spend more time do more healthy things and enjoy life!!!!


Anonymous said...

Irene, read the post properly before commenting. Why are you making such a big fuss over people's decision in leaving the community? If you want to prove how much effort and whatever you and your boyfriend have been putting into the community, it will show by itself. You need not repeat and repeat and repeat it over and over again. I guess you're being paranoid about what others may think of you. As I know, when there's a chance to voice out your thoughts, you didn't take the opportunity to do so. Instead, you go around hitting bushes, yet posted in your posts. What's the point? Your blog, you can post anything you like. This is not your blog, so why bother?

Serene said...

Wa.. o.O "peace peace" ^^" This also happens in my group lo.. dun wan share info or discuss with me beforehand de especially the leader and her fren oni.. felt they dun trust me.. :( but can change de ma, just hafta keep asking what's up or what's going on, what can I help with lo.. This shows I also care for the group project, let them noe that I'm also an important member of the group, then they automatically find me about the group work hehe.. The most important do not sit and wait for them to contact, coz they're also busy with many stuff o.O Think this is the same? ^^ Just my thinking oni o.. dun shoot me ><
Take care ^^

Eve! said...

Irene- That's 7 paragraph long for an aswer to the Q of who are 'We' and it was nice of you to voice such things out for the both of you. Despite this, acknowledging the fact on what you've done,he has nothing to comment on this when asked even but constant blaming on individuals.

On the domain name and hosting issue,wasn't himself whom wanted to sponsor such thing and since it was a burden for him.He could least surface this matter up,then and again didn't it just shows how restricted info. was when none knew.Now KB doesn't seems to posses the quality of the initial mission but a link club kind of thing.

Nobody mention about not liking you nor hated you. What's with the personal preference here? Im just conveying my action of not participating in KB but support wise is still there.Which of the statement made not clear?FYI, i do not hold any grudge over you nor do i not like you.*hugs*

KB has internal personnel problem.I was in the comittee before,knew what had been going on.Those who for sake name in the team,doesn't. If KB was a team thingy and majority voted for rebranding , how could that be a problem?On the part where you've mention when your vice is someone that can't eveb help you out- this is can tell you. When one is not efficient at their task,constant motivation could mould one into being efficiency.*smiles*

Agreed and accepted.Your concern over matter is still up to hold.Thank you for the effort to feedback once again.

Eve! said...

Funkye - Mat!Mind over matters. Im partying every weekend with you, soon to be an alcoholic. Tidak halal like that.Haiz¬

Anonymous- Irene is just conveying her feedback,at least those who choose to remain silent and quit could know what's happening. Maybe it was an action of whistle blowing to not take the opportunity to voice out when one foresee the chances there.

Serene-Thanks for sharing your opinion but things with KB its not the same as what you've mention.You are only seeing it from the outer nutshell,we're being in the shell and am the nut. =)

Anonymous said...

i was never really a part of it aye? loool

JF said...

wua nice drama ( Three Kingdoms 2008 P2) order pls : 1 Apple pie, french fries, cola, Mcnuggets, and Mcdeluxe. heheheh..... !!!Positive Attitude and Force for Positive Thinking!!!

Serene said...

Owh.. okie, I'm simple-minded de ^^" so I keep things simple hehe.. but still, the "asking" part is important o.. :P
*I'm loso* haha.. Cheers~!

Eve! said...
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Eve! said...



serene- Opinion is yours what. Haha,funny betol

isaaccccc said...

waliu~~so many comment arh??is my time to express my tot now..

BE HAPPY!!enjoy LIFE~~*wink*

Eve! said...

isaaccccc- *smiles*