Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sweet Cloud 9

The Dutchess is back from her Royal Cloud Number 9 sweet escape. Her highness won't be bragging 'bout the places she went. As it is not the nation doesn't know of this place.


Captured image above sure does give you some hint where I've been. Remarkable traffic, uncountable billboards and hell lots of sky scrapers.


Not forgetting strategic places of kiosks along the walk way.


Ready to sushi?Enough of the blah.


Meet Parker ponytail aka Ervinna whom i blog about 2 years back. Seeing her bring back uncountable memories from school days when we're still in out pinafore.Her BFF is so happen to be my BFF's sister and that of we're are the same race with same mixture parentage background.


Let's leave those minor details for another post,aight? I know your reading this post for sure. Love you to every tiny bits. Yes! Im proud to say i finally made it to see you. ngeh ngeh ngeh. I'll try to make it with Alfredo next trip,aight? No promises.


What completed this sweet escape was having HER there.
When my feet cramp attacks out of the sudden,She was there.
When i needed some booster,she was there to get it for me.
What more to Ding a Dong at odd hours.
Even so at times, she didn't get what i meant. It doesn't matter pun. *bliss bliss.


This is what you do when your GF is not watching. Thanks for feeding me BARS of KIT KAT and SWEETS before we depart from KIA. It really boost me till we've touch down.


What more could The Highness demand for when you have the best wings given?The wings that shield you from all Sweetness and Bitterness hitting the wall trying to rapture every part of the word came to known as HYPER-NESS. But it was worth every single seconds,didn't it?


Those who've seen my tag message in Skype lately now knows which cloud number 9 I've been talking about. Too much to mention here.It had taken me by storm in fact, it even made me realize what I ought to come about lately finally made sense. yes! I finally understood what was it and I am patching my puzzle.


Swing swing.



Sniff sniff


When it gets bored waiting for your flight back.This is how hyper i can be at times. Teasing JT behind me is a must. *giggles



T-MO-T said...

waseh pigi kl main wor....sow sowng! hahaha!

pigi genting wor...

did u manage to go 1 utama?

Eve! said...

T-mo-t : No.i didnt made it there.

gladiezz said...

Hiak Hiak.. Sweetness.

Still having fun while waiting ler. You should "stuck your fingers" in the nose. HIAK HIAK

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Yala, having fun teasing JT la. We almost kenak tinggal ler...
Eh! When is our next trip again.