Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Meet an old classmate of mine back in CNY 08,Miri. Not to mention of all the places we bump into each other was in a bar girl's toilet. wth right?


Ignore the redness bimbo in me. That's what happen when you had too much of long island tea.


Seeing you that CNY eve was like school days.Always annoying Mr.Ting. I wonder where he is now.

Mr.Fauzi once said Kelas nih banyak ketawa,klu u banyak ketawa. Hilang ilmu tau? with his Kedah slang. So that is when our class moto became BANYAK KETAWA,HILANG ILMU made headlines in the teacher's room.

School days definately Rocks!




Pazuzu said...

wah .. ur fren all hot la..

btw.. y gals like to take photos in the toilet ah?


Eve! said...


Your my boss also my friend But not that HOT ler?

Bcz in PUb,there's the only place with lights

gladiezz said...

Hahahaha, the pub to dark, you can't see your friend but in pub's toilet. Miahahahahahaha!

ahlost said...

*LOL* Eve. Very good answer to Pazuzu.. haha..

I miss my schoolmates too :(

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! No wonder u byk ketawa. But still u have a lot of Ilmu in ur head. hehe!

Anonymous said...

Aiya! 4get to leave my name. Hehe!


Eve! said...


Ahlost-Boss ba! MIss the days in schools ler...

anonymous aka Lov- No no...byk ketawa got 2 ways.Is either ur laughing at others or ur laughing with others. ^_^