Friday, November 23, 2007

Till busy do i rocks

Remember way back in sept 06 . It is said that i'll be the next in line for next step to life-Marriage

It was just plain luck which was funny as the bouquet was just not made to throw.Everybody was just tossing it till it landed my hands(which i was standing right at the corner of the circle of catching it).After that,instead of me bringing it home as a bouquet.It ended up being 1 stalk only.Everybody in that cirlce went plucking my plain luck bouquet.

However,It was their belief that those who caught the bouquet thrown by the bride would be next in yeah?nothing close to that yeah! Karma does exist.

Its was one kind of a norm which makes you into believing you get a husband if you throw oranges into the river on certain occasion.Same goes to not cutting your nails at night,chances of you encountering a lost soul might happen.

Even some belief that not to play hide and seek during the night as chances of you being hidden away from eye sights of the human eye.

Some are not to believe but to noted as a guidelines purposes i surpose.

Which ever it is.It shall be respected.

Its gonna be a busy month for me starting month end.Both of work and events.

Tons of events are coming up.

4 weddings,1 annual dinner,1 family day,2 birthdays and 1 pre-christmas party.

ROck ON,



ahlost said...

wow.. so busy lar you end of this month... hehehehe.. but busy gui busy.. don't forget to ROCK ON..

whee.. :P

annna said...

Wah rao.. Sounds busy towards year end. Keep Rockin' On No Matter how boh eng u are.

That throwing orange in the river for the laki laki to fetch is on Chap Goh Meh (Chinese Vday).