Monday, November 26, 2007

A pack of endless events

Scheduled is pack pack pack!
I shall not blog about Entertainers' Night and i shall not post pictures on it also.
I will link all peeps i know,whom have blog about it.

*Glad To the Hit


* Tim Moo Who

* Free can't See

* Geez Me

* Patch A Zoo

But hey! i can blog about this picture as below dou.

Meet Ariana Sylvester. A close friend's niece which i babysit the whole morning. One thing we have in common is that she like ugly stupid faces. (Which im a Master at it).

So each time i go

She'll go...

(noted that below is not her real pic,i was holding her.Where got time to snap pic. Just a sample how she hek hek hek)

Rock On!




ahlost said...

ahahahaha... so cute lar... both you and the baby.. *LOL*

TimWalVoon said...

so...are u ready for the next step in life?

me waiting for the invi card la ahhahahahh!

Eve! said...

ahLost: ngeh ngeh..the baby puik milk on me ar.

Tim:Awh..den i go start printing now...invite you advance 5 yrs from now.aahahahah